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UZI CO2 Carbine - Competition Level

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Powered by CO2, the UZI Carbine features 390 FPS semi and full-auto action. The metal barrel, folding stock, and a 38 rd drop-free magazine add to the real look and feel.


Product Group: Airsoft Pistols
Brand: UZI
Velocity (FPS): 390
Caliber: 6mm
Ammo Type: Airsoft BBs
FPS w/Alloy Pellet: 390
FPS w/Lead Pellet: 390
Barrel Length: 6.5
Total Length (inches): 24
Capacity: 38
Action: Semi/Full Auto
Power: CO2
Trigger Action: Single

Licensed Trademark of IWI
Product Manuals and Other Downloads
pdf Manual-UZI-CO2-Carbine-2278417-03R13.pdf (5.7 MB)
Customer Reviews
Elite Force IWI Uzi
Review and Photos by Dave posted at Airsoft Obsessed:
The Elite Force Uzi licensed by IWI is one of the funnest guns you will ever have the chance to shoot. OEM'd by KWC, this CO2 powered gas blow back SMG kicks like a mule so don't be surprised if you find yourself giggling out loud the first time you shoot it in full auto.

The Uzi is a nice combination of metal and polymer and feels solid when you shoulder it, and you will want to shoulder it if you plan on hitting what you are aiming at. By the way, that's a good thing. It means the kick on this thing requires you take control of the weapon to be accurate with it. Speaking or "kick", or what many of you would call recoil, comes from this large chunk of metal that gets blown back.

Now while the recoil is great, the downside of getting all that kick is that you sacrifice gas consumption to move that bolt. In playing with this for a few weeks now I find that on average I am getting about a magazine and a half per CO2 while shooting semi-auto. On full-auto I find that one mag equals one CO2 cartridge. Keep in mind that the magazines do hold 38 bb's.

The Elite Force Uzi has two firing modes and safety. The fire controls have A R S on them. The "S" is of course safety, the "R" stands for repeating, or semi-auto. The "A" stands for automatic, or "Aaaaaarrrggghhh" the sound you will make when shooting tango noobs on full auto.

The Elite Force Uzi is open bolt just like the real Uzi. With that said, I'm finding you need to clean your inner barrel more frequently than other guns because dirt can get into the barrel from both ends.

The hop-up adjustment on the Elite Force Uzi is adjusted externally in the front of the gun. Turning the dial adds or reduces the amount of hop on the bb. The tab at the 12 o'clock position adds tension to the dial which helps prevent movement while in use. I found the hop-up adjuster on the front dial very useful as I could adjust very quickly during game play situations. Best of all you can adjust without having to take your eyes of the enemy. Just be careful that you don't grab the dial instead of the fore grip like I did a few times.

The Elite Force IWI Uzi comes with one magazine, a sight adjustment tool, and a pair of CO2 compartment "plugs". The plug is what you screw into the bottom of the mag to secure the CO2 cartridge, and it is made out of plastic with a metal nut on the inside. If you over tighten this plug like I did, you will have one heck of a time getting it out. I highly recommend you pay attention while tightening it and listen for the seal on the CO2 to break and maybe a quarter turn more to avoid over tightening. But if you do don't worry, you get an extra in the box.

Velocity is on the higher side but still under the widely accepted 400fps. In my testing with .20g EF bb's, I found the gun to shoot in the high 380's with a rate of fire in the 1,100 bb's per minute range. Because of this you will find that the gun has better range than most side arms and smg's.

This is such a fun gun to use in CQB style gaming(depending on fps limits in your area). At my local field the players decide if they want to play the CQB area of the field or the open area and with this in my arsenal I was voting for CQB every time and I think you will too.

Accuracy with this gun was average and what I would expect from a gun that has a good amount of recoil to it. What I mean by that is you will be able to hit a man sized target at 30 feet with no problem. It's certainly not something you are going to go sniping or take long range shots with(it has a 4 inch barrel) but does incredibly well in CQB. So you are in the market for a secondary, CQB gun, or just a fun gun to shoot, this is the mamma jamma that you need to take a look at before you buy.
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