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Umarex Octane .177 Cal

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0.177 (4.5mm)
Reaxis Gas Piston
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A magnum velocity air rifle at 1450 feet per second with a .177 alloy pellet, the Octane is one of the first two break barrel rifles introduced under the Umarex brand. The Octane incorporates both a gas piston and a noise dampener. This gun is unique in that its gas piston operates in reverse of other gas pistons on the market. Termed the ReAxis Reverse-Axis Gas Piston, it has shown to provide an increase in velocity. Its SilencAir is a non-removable suppressor with five chambers that greatly reduce muzzle noise. The Octane also comes with a 3-9x40 scope, all-weather stock, and adjustable 2-stage trigger.


Product Group: Air Rifles
Brand: Umarex
Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
Ammo Type: Pellets
FPS w/Alloy Pellet: 1450
FPS w/Lead Pellet: 1250
Barrel Length: 19.5
Total Length (inches): 48.5
Capacity: 1
Action: Break Barrel
Power: Reaxis Gas Piston
Trigger Action: 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger
Trigger Pull (lbs): 3.5
Length of Pull (inches): 14.25
Cocking Effort (lbs): 42

Video Overview of the Octane Air Rifle

Video Review of the Octane Air Rifle

Product Manuals and Other Downloads
pdf Manual-Umarex-Octane-2251302-2251304-05R13.pdf (1.7 MB)
Customer Reviews
Note: I'm not associated with Umarex in any way.

Tested Octane 1450
Sn. 00370551 12-2-2013

I have several Benjamins and am looking for better quality and less noise.

The Octane 1450 .177 purchased in lieu of a Benjamin 1500 .177.

It's loud even w/the 5 chamber noise reducer. ANY air gun will bark like a .22 if the pellet breaks the sound barrier (appx. 1050fps) after leaving the barrel. The Octane quit barking after appx 35 rounds fired, and I'd rate it just a tad louder than the Benjamin 1500 XL...only slightly louder after break-in.

Well made gun, w/the best and most precision made open sights I've seen on a break barrel. The scope is great and has a parallax adjustment, but is strictly dots. A well fitting synthetic stock w/positive pistol grip, though the grip is a bit short for an adult hand. Also, no cheek piece. Ok for open sight use, but w/scope the stock's a bit low. Overall, the stock seems to be designed for a small shooter.

It has an automatic safety "on" after cocking. I like that. However, the lever was poorly thought out. It lies directly in front of the trigger, just a straight metal piece w/gnarled surface, but twice my trigger finger has slipped off the safety and onto the trigger, firing the gun accidentally. I recommend using the left hand w/two fingers to safely release the safety lever.

The barrel pivot was nice and tight from the factory. Many guns come with the pivot screw slightly loose and compromises accuracy.

The 3 year warranty tells me the manufacturer is confident of it's quality. Most only have a year's warranty.

The barrel is locked in place with a spring loaded metal ball detent as opposed to the "bar latch" used by some big manufacturers. Arguing which latch is more positive and lasting is like arguing who makes the best truck. There are positive opinions for either.

The trigger is the best I've tested in this price range...much more positive than the most popular brand.

At 200 rounds fired, I'm getting 3/4" groups at 20 yards from a bench rest using Crosman Destroyer pellets. In my book, that's good for a break-barrel that hits as hard as the DOES hit hard! Also above average quality, though a bit pricey at $260.

Yes, it takes some strength to cock, but keep in mind you're cranking up a 1450fps cylinder and you won't mind.

If not for the Safety release and low stock for scope use, I'd rate this gun a 5+. However, the safety release is a pain and the stock seems to be made for kids so I've got to drop it to a 4+. Overall, it's a definite keeper, with the best online information available of any break-barrel.
Frank Jaquez
I been searching for a great rifle for a while now, tried gamo and crossman and I must say that the Octane is by far the best! I must agree with the reviewer before me, it's a little loud and I must add a little heavy too, but the build construction is A+, feels strong and reliable.
matt sartini
I recently purchased the Umarex Octane rifle and am very happy with the product. I still am in the process of sighting in the scope (fine tuning mostly) but gives me more reasons to enjoy it. The rifle is very powerful and priced fairly my only complaint is how loud the rifle is. If there was a way to silence it I would be very please because the last thing I need I my neighbors calling the police on the basis that they think I am firing a real rifle....
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