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Walther LGV Ultra - .22 Cal

> Action > Break Barrel > Walther LGV Ultra - .22 Cal

0.22 (5.5 mm)
Spring Piston
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The original Walther LGV was a match rifle produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was the pinnacle of Walther's break barrel target rifles. Now, Walther has reintroduced the LGV line with several different models that include many of the fine features of that original target gun. The LGV has a barrel latch, which is pushed down to break open the breech. This barrel lock, in addition to the barrel detent that holds the barrel closed, creates a secondary point to hold the breech rock-solid tight. This creates a fit so snug that it's like having a fixed barrel rifle. It has a match trigger, uncommon on a sporting gun. The trigger-pull is set at 3 lbs., but you can adjust it to suit your preferences. While this air rifle has the power for hunting, it's also got the accuracy for popping bullseyes all day long. Its rotary piston eliminates friction losses and the piston rings are made of low-friction synthetic material to ensure that the piston does not touch the compression cylinder wall and ensures smooth, quiet movement. You'll notice these things in part make up the LGV's "Vibration Reduction System" and "Super Silent Technology" no spring noise, no creaks, no groans and an incredibly smooth shot cycle. The Walther LGV series lives up to its German heritage and that means you'll be able to shoot it for decades.


Product Group: Air Rifles
Brand: Walther
Velocity (FPS): 700
Caliber: 0.22 (5.5 mm)
Ammo Type: Pellets
FPS w/Alloy Pellet: 700
FPS w/Lead Pellet: 700
Barrel Length: 15.7
Total Length (inches): 43.1
Capacity: 1
Action: Break Barrel
Power: Spring Piston
Trigger Action: Adjustable Match Trigger
Trigger Pull (lbs): 3
Length of Pull (inches): 14.5
Cocking Effort (lbs): 38
Product Manuals and Other Downloads
pdf Manual-Walther-LGV-Series-EN-12R12.pdf (2.8 MB)
Customer Reviews
The Walther LG series of rifles in .22 are some of the finest spring powered airguns available. I have several quality European springers in both .177 and .22 in my collection that I can use for hunting, pest control or target shooting. I didn’t really need another pellet rifle so I was a bit particular about my next purchase. I honestly I didn’t set out to buy a Walther. After much research I bought a different brand of European springer but returned it because it just didn’t live up to all the hype (so much for research).
I ended up with the LGV Ultra in exchange, about a year ago. The quality and performance are outstanding. In fact I was so impressed, a few months later I also purchased the LGU Master in .22 and this Christmas bought the Competition Ultra in .22 (I justify this because I have three sons and want to leave each one an equal share of inheritance).
Due to hard cocking effort, harsh vibrations and recoil, being unforgiving about less than perfect technique, or even finding a pellet they will shoot accurately. Not all spring airguns are a joy to shoot. They can be quite temperamental or even frustrating. In general they require upgrades and modifications to bring out their hidden capabilities. The LG series of rifles in .22 have none of these downfalls.
I don’t think you shouldn’t have to send a new gun to an airgun-smith to get it tuned or upgraded in order for it to shoot straight. It should be just fine the way it is, right out of the box. Walther came through on these, excellent job!
In the U.S. the .177 version comes with a more powerful spring than the European version. That’s why .177 owners here complain of “spring twang”. The .22 version comes with the less powerful European spring that this gun was designed for, so no twang, just a quiet thump.
Although it will shoot a variety of pellets accurately, during break-in (1000 rds) it performed best with JSB 14.3gr domed. It now does best using the JSB 15.89gr domed pellets. @ 25 yards my LGV will consistently shoot 1/8” c/c groups using these and has plenty of power for hunting small game (13.35 FPE @ muzzle & 8.79 FPE @ 50 yards). Hunting, like target shooting, is not about max power but deadly accuracy and that’s where the LGV Ultra shines.
If the price is what’s holding you back, airgun mounts that don’t shift and high power scopes that can stand up to the punishment of your average springers are expensive. The LGV Ultra has such a smooth firing cycle it does fine with standard mounts and inexpensive airgun scopes, saving you at least a couple hundred dollars.
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