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  • Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™
  • Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™
  • Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™
  • Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™

Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™


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Umarex® ARX® ammunition provides extreme hunting performance like never before achieved from .50 caliber air rifles. Constructed from a patent-pending, advanced polymer-copper matrix, Umarex® ARX® SpeedBand™ ammo has revolutionized terminal performance for the hunt. PolyCase ARX technology acts as a force multiplier simultaneously dispersing kinetic energy both forward and laterally. It provides maximum hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to its target. This high velocity, flat-shooting projectile provides exceptional performance in big-bore air rifles.

The combination of ARX bullets with Umarex SpeedBand polymer sabots elevates pre-charged pneumatic air rifle performance into the 21st century. The groundbreaking Umarex SpeedBand sabot performs flawlessly in both muzzleloaders .50 caliber air rifles. The polymer formulation of Umarex SpeedBand sabots creates a powerful seal in barrel lands and grooves, blocking the passage of air to swiftly drive the projectile down the barrel. Upon exiting the muzzle, captive air pressure on the sabot forces release of the high velocity, light-weight ARX ammo, which maximizes momentum and delivers un-paralleled terminal performance on target.

- Faster. Flatter. Harder Hitting.
- Precision engineered non-expanding advanced polymer-copper matrix (no lead)
- Extreme energy transfer to target
- High velocity, flat-shooting
- Maximum hydraulic displacement
- Disperses kinetic energy both forward and laterally
- Lead free
- Exceptional performance in big bore air rifles
- Made for .50 caliber air rifles
- Extremely effective round for muzzleloading/ blackpowder hunting
Qty: 20 per package

ARX® is a registered trademark of PolyCase Ammunition, LLC. All rights reserved.


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