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Action Pistols

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Walther Walther PPS CO2 .177 Pistol
$ 68.99
$ 80.13
Walther Walther PPK/S Black BB Pistol
$ 85.60
Walther Walther PPS M2
$ 79.99
Walther Walther PPQ
$ 69.50
$ 74.37

Choosing the right airgun is harder than it seems. No one understands this difficult task better than Umarex USA, which together with Umarex in Germany has almost 50 years of experience supplying action pistols and accessories to the North American market. Whether target shooting or hunting small game animals, you will be able to find just what you've been looking for in our selection of action air pistols. Whether you're new to airgunning or you just need a brush-up on the technical terminology, an action is the mechanism of a breech-loading air gun that handles the BBs or pellets you fire. We offer a variety of single-action, double-action, semi-auto action, full-auto action, and semi/full-auto action gun models.

We proudly keep our selection of air pistols stocked with nothing but the best brands in the airgun industry: Beretta, Colt, GLOCK, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Walther, and more. Many of the single action air guns we supply are designed with the same look, feel, and functional features of their predecessors to ensure an ultra-realistic experience at the range or on the field for target practice. These faithful reproductions also make valuable training tools or great gifts to new airgun collectors. We also supply double-action air pistols that can reach velocities up to 410 FPS.

Deciding between full-auto, semi-auto, and semi/full-auto action pistols depends on your cycling preferences, but fully automatic airguns are ideally suited to MilSim and law enforcement training. Why settle when you can enjoy the best of both cycling methods? Beretta's MP1 A1 BB pistol is both fully automatic and semi-automatic with realistic recoil action that makes it even more fun to shoot. Some of the action air pistols we supply feature drop-free magazines for quick reloading and precision shooting as fast as you can pull the trigger. Drop-free magazines can even make the difference between winning and losing in a match!

Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions or would like expert assistance in shopping for action pistols. Complete our online form to receive additional information or further assistance today.

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