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Air Rifles

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Umarex Umarex Steel Force
$ 128.35
Umarex Umarex Steel Storm
$ 109.99
$ 139.99
Umarex Umarex Steel Strike
$ 114.99
Whether you’re buying your first air rifle or completing your collection, Umarex USA is honored to be your destination of choice. With nearly 50 years in the industry, our experience has enabled us to build a vast selection of air rifles from some of the most trusted brands in the world. We proudly supply options made by Beretta, Browning, Hämmerli, Ruger, RWS, Walther, and other leading manufacturers. When you spend $139 or more on merchandise, you can also enjoy free shipping to most locations. Explore our selection to find the ideal air rifle for plinking, target shooting, and more.

Hunting for the perfect pellet rifle? We have you covered. We offer a wide variety of airguns for hunting small game such as squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Air rifles are also the preferred choice for pest control because they satisfy most local, state, and national criteria for power and accuracy. Our own line features some of the best-selling pieces we offer, including the Gauntlet, Octane, Throttle, Forge, Torq, Fuel, Surge, Syrix, and Hammer rifles. Show any young shooter the ropes by choosing our Embark youth rifle.

In addition to pellet rifles, we also supply high-powered BB guns. The compact submachine airgun by Heckler & Koch is a classic that will redefine the way you think about a BB gun. Alternatively, try a twist on a classic by choosing the cowboy rifle of our Legends collection. This lever-action air rifle is a tribute to the traditional Winchester design that gun enthusiasts know and love so well. We also offer Steel Force, Storm, and Strike rifles, which are ideal to use in practical applications for training as well as recreational shooting.

Wish you could stop all the shock, vibration, or recoil from a BB or pellet rifle? Some of the models we carry are equipped with StopShox technology, which works in conjunction with a floating action to systematically reduce shock created by the break barrel in any spring or gas piston power system. Can’t find the specific model you’re looking for? Contact us today to enjoy expert assistance. You can also receive notifications about gun giveaways, discounts, and major events by signing up for our club newsletter today. Please call or email with any inquiries about our selection of airguns for hunting, so we may provide additional information.

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