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Airsoft Pistol Magazines

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Heckler & Koch HK USP Compact Airsoft Magazine - 22 rd
$ 43.95
$ 45.79
Elite Force Elite Force 1911 Magazine - 14 rd
$ 32.95
$ 34.34
Heckler & Koch HK USP Airsoft Magazine - 25 rd
$ 43.95
$ 45.79
Elite Force Elite Force Race Gun Magazine
$ 32.95
$ 43.07
Most airsoft enthusiasts don’t realize that magazines should be periodically replaced. Faulty magazines are the bane of the airsoft experience, but Umarex USA has the perfect solution to help you be prepared. We offer a wide selection of airsoft pistol magazines to suit some of the most popular gun models in our inventory. This selection features mags from our own line and some of the finest name brands in the industry. Best of all, we provide airsoft pistol mags at all price points. Shop from our selection today to explore magazines for Elite Force, Heckler & Koch, and Legends airguns.

Deciding between magazines can be daunting or difficult, but the decision usually comes down to shooter preference. Low-capacity mags provide the closest possible experience to realistic combat, and they also have a realistic loading frequency to help you hone your skills under pressure. We supply a variety of low-cap airsoft pistol magazines to suit any need or preference. We offer mags suited to Elite Force competition race guns that fire up to 16 rounds. We offer mags suited to Elite Force 1911 airsoft pistols with blowback that fire up to 14 rounds. We also offer magazine discs suited to Elite Force H8R revolvers. Don’t let yourself get caught without ammo. Stay in the game with extra mags!

Airsoft enthusiasts love CO2-powered guns manufactured by Heckler & Koch, because they are quiet, easy to use, and require little to no cocking effort. Do you have a jammed or faulty mag on your favorite gun? Explore our airsoft pistol mags to find a low-cap solution today. We supply replacement mags for HK USP and HK45 airsoft pistols and variations. Don’t forget to stock up on extra shells for your Elite Force Legends Smoke Wagon airsoft revolver! Each pack comes with six shells, so you can spend less time prepping and more time shooting.

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