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Airgun Barrels for Sale

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Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson Matte Black Barrel System - 6-inch
$ 52.00
$ 66.39
Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson Matte Black Barrel System - 4 inch
$ 52.00
$ 68.69
One of the most important components of any air pistol or rifle is the barrel. A gun barrel contains the rapid expansion of air pressure that propels the pellet. Buying a good barrel online might seem daunting, but Umarex USA makes it as easy as possible to find what you need for your specific model. We offer a selection of airgun barrels in several sizes, but all barrels are made by some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Smith & Wesson is one of the leading manufacturers of next-generation guns and accessories for sport, recreation, protection, or personal use. Shop from our selection of airgun barrels for sale today to find everything you need.

Our selection of airgun barrels includes four-inch and six-inch options for the Smith & Wesson 586 and 686 revolvers. Both the S&W 586 and 686 pellet guns shoot up to 425 FPS, but a barrel of the right length is essential to achieving optimal bullet velocity when shooting or hunting small game. All the airgun barrels for sale in our selection feature a matte black finish to match the classic design of Smith & Wesson’s double-action revolvers. Enjoy flawless function and the durability of carbon steel construction. Give your airgun the update it deserves by buying a barrel replacement.

We are honored to be your destination of choice. With nearly 50 years in the industry, our experience has enabled us to build a vast selection of airgun equipment and accessories made by some of the most reliable brands in the world. We understand just how difficult or daunting it can be to shop online for airgun barrels. If you need any assistance in finding the right barrel system for your favorite airgun, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Our courteous and experienced staff is standing by to provide additional information or further assistance. While shopping, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up with gun giveaways, discounts, major events, and much more.

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