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Air Gun C02 Cartridges

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Umarex CO2 Capsules 12 gram (12 pack)
$ 9.10
Umarex CO2 Capsules Umarex 88 gram (2-pack)
$ 23.45

C02 quality is critically important for the health of your airgun. Without clean, reliable power, valves can clog, seals can deteriorate, and airguns can eventually break down. C02 capsules allow you to shoot in rapid succession without needing to manually pump between shots, so you can ensure a lifetime of clean performance. Unlike other products, our own airgun C02 cartridges are held to strict standards for cleanliness. If one design component is out of spec, it can damage a gun's puncture assembly and cause trouble for your airgun in the long run. At Umarex USA, you can find the perfect solution to suit any airgun that is powered by 12- or 88-gram C02 cartridges. Shop from our selection today to find a variety of C02 cartridge sizes at competitive prices.

Carbon dioxide (C02) has been used to power guns since the late 19th century. Today's C02-powered airguns can satisfy any shooting need, but running out of juice can be a serious buzzkill when you're having a blast with friends and fellow enthusiasts. Each C02 cartridge we carry features a non-threaded tip and secure seal to ensure ease of refilling and reduce the risk of airgun damage. Only C02 can provide the perfect amount of pressure that a C02-powered gun requires, and we have all your needs covered in our collection.

Please note that certain conditions or elevated temperatures may affect a C02 capsule and impair its performance. Try to store your C02 cartridges in a dry, cool place to ensure proper performance and fast, consecutive shooting. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our selection of airgun C02 cartridges or need help finding a specific product. One of our friendly representatives will happily help you while shopping with us today. Plus, take full advantage of free shipping to most locations by spending $139 or more on merchandise while you're here.

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