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  • Umarex Brodax
  • Umarex Brodax
  • Umarex Brodax
  • Umarex Brodax

Umarex Brodax


$ 39.99

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The Brodax is a modern-day revolver that is stylish and attractive. It may remind you of a gun you might see in a video game or science fiction movie. Vented ports are positioned atop the barrel housing with a Picatinny rail positioned at top-rear making it ready for a dot sight. Located below the barrel another Picatinny rail is ready for a laser or flashlight. The Brodax has a lightweight polymer frame with internal metal parts including the trigger and hammer. The material make-up combined with its external sleek lines give the Brodax great balance.

Manual: Manual-Umarex-Brodax-2252109-10R15.pdf


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177 Caliber (4.5 mm), 25-50, air-pistols, Airguns, co2-powered, double-action, Revolver, Umarex, umarex-air-pistols, uses-steel-bbs-ammo

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