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Heckler & Koch Airguns

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Heckler & Koch HK P30
$ 224.69
$ 240.42
When airsoft and firearm enthusiasts expect the highest of quality, they turn to one of the finest brands in German engineering. Heckler & Koch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small arms. With more than 60 years of experience serving security forces, police, and special forces, they have earned a reputation as the only supplier of small arms to provide a comprehensive range of products incorporating pistols, rifles, and more. We carry a broad selection of Heckler & Koch airguns to suit any need or preference. Every HK airgun we offer is powered by CO2, which is easy to use, quiet, and requires no cocking effort. Explore our selection today!

Heckler & Koch USP pistols are designed and developed for military and law enforcement applications. The USP airgun is universally applicable, extremely reliable in operation, and guarantees high consistency when firing. USP BB handguns are great for plinking and target shooting. Every HK airgun holds 22 rounds in a heavyweight magazine and features an ambidextrous magazine release. Thanks to the integrated accessory rail, you experience realistic hammer movement. Take your trigger time to the next level by choosing the USP airguns with realistic blowback.

Our selection of Heckler & Koch airguns also includes air pistol replicas based on some of the most famous firearms. The HK P30 air pistol is based on the P30 firearm, which features a striking design and refined details. Aside from its renowned reliability, the P30 pistol comes with fully adjustable sights and the versatility to shoot either lead pellets or steel BBs. Another replica air pistol, the HK45, shoots BBs at 400 FPS and features a 20-round magazine for semi-automatic operation. Every Heckler & Koch pistol we supply is affordably priced to suit your budget.

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