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Legends Air Pistols

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Legends Legends MP
$ 228.47
Legends Legends M712 .177 - Full Auto
$ 110.99
Legends Legends MP - Weathered
$ 267.50
The results speak for themselves, but the reputation is legendary. Legends airguns by Umarex USA are appreciated and prized throughout the industry. Every airgun in our Legends collection is based on a historical gun in BB or pellet format. We offer distinctive replicas that serve as a testament to the high standards of German engineering. Legends air pistols are guaranteed to turn heads at the range or the recreational shooting area. Our selection features a wide variety of replicas we designed based on historical firearms. By choosing us as your source for airgun supplies and equipment, you can expect nothing but the highest of quality and an ongoing commitment to innovation. Shop from our selection today to find a pristine replica of your favorite gun or pistol. Enjoy free shipping when you spend more than $139!

Airguns provide the perfect excuse to play and get outside with friends, family members, or even friendly competitors. We offer a wide selection of classic options. M712 was inspired by the steampunk design and the unique shooting experience of the “Schnellfeur” machine pistol. This Legends airgun provides realistic blowback and features adjustable rear sight for elevation. The MP pistol pays tribute to the MP 40 submachine gun with its heavy-metal form that will take you back in time. The P-08 “Luger” pistol was one of the most popular trophies after World War II. Our P.08 air pistol features the same exquisite design. Take trigger time to a whole new level by trying the weathered MP with a leather carrying strap or the P.08 with blowback!

Our selection of Legends airguns includes a wide array of historical handguns to choose from. Makarov pistols were popular semi-automatic weapons that became the standard military and police sidearm in 1950s Russia. Our variant in the Makarov Ultra .177 BB gun provides realistic blowback action, features a solid frame, and propels steel BBs at 350 feet per second. Practice makes perfect, and our Legends air pistols provide great shooting practice for Makarov gun owners or enthusiasts with metal-constructed BB guns. Complete your at-home collection with a pellet-shooting, short-barreled action army revolver. If you need any help selecting the best Legends airguns, please feel free to call or email us today for further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

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