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RWS Pellet Guns

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RWS RWS Model 34 P w/Scope
$ 320.99
$ 422.82
RWS RWS Pro 34 P Compact .177
$ 320.99
$ 343.46
RWS RWS 350 Feuerkraft Pro Compact .177
$ 374.49
$ 586.78
RWS RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact
$ 342.39
$ 366.36
RWS RWS Model 34
$ 332.00
RWS RWS 350 Magnum
$ 470.75
$ 492.25
RWS RWS Model 34 w/Scope
$ 385.99
RWS RWS Model 34 P .22
$ 299.55
$ 309.07
RWS RWS Model 34 P .177
$ 299.55
$ 309.07
Millions of experienced shooting enthusiasts and sportsmen rely on the product quality delivered by RWS. As the first choice of the world elite, it’s no surprise why RWS is revered throughout the airgun industry. Umarex USA proudly offers a wide selection of RWS air rifles that are as functional as they are beautiful to behold. Every RWS air rifle we provide uses pellet ammo, which reduces the risk of ricochet when you’re shooting at the range or a target competition. Here, you can find the perfect side-lever, under-lever, or break-barrel action air rifle to suit your needs or intended use.

RWS pellet guns are revered for their power and reliability. We offer several variations of the RWS Model 34 rifle, all of which will keep you shooting accurately. The well-balanced, straight wooden stock is made of hardwood, making it easy to hold and shoot as you zero in on your target. The RWS Model 34 P features the same break-barrel system of the 34 rifle with an ambidextrous, hunting-style stock. Both .177 and .22 pellet models come with an adjustable trigger and fiber optic sights. Regardless of whether you choose wood or synthetic, you’re going to turn heads at the range.

By choosing to shoot with an RWS pellet rifle, you benefit from the precision of German engineering. The RWS Model 54 rifle is totally recoil-less and uses a floating action to achieve maximum accuracy. When you fire this RWS pellet gun, the action slides back into the stock to absorb recoil and minimize the effect of vibration as the bullet exits the barrel. These RWS air rifles are available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers for your convenience. We also offer a wide selection of RWS 48, 340, 350, and 460 models to choose from.

Every RWS air rifle in the professional collection is designed specifically for shooting with a scope. If you need expert advice in selecting an RWS pellet rifle for your collection, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Receive notifications about gun giveaways, discounts, and major events by signing up for our club newsletter today. You can also qualify for free shipping to most locations by spending $139 or more on merchandise. Shop today!

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