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Air Gun Technology

Several new airgun technology innovations have been introduced by Umarex over the last few years, but this year's advancements engineered by Umarex and their partners may change the face of the airgun industry.


StopShox is a technologically advanced anti-recoil and anti-vibration system that Umarex has engineered to function at the rear of select Umarex Air Rifles. This patent-pending dual spring technology works congruently with a unique floating action stock to drastically reduce recoil and vibration by absorbing the violent force of an air rifle's internal spring or gas piston as it shifts forward and rearward inside of the receiver tube. The cushioning created by StopShox minimizes the transfer of vibration into your shoulder and effectively reduces the amount of vibration that travels down the barrel providing the pellet a smooth exit out of the muzzle, both of which contribute to a pellets true flight path. The StopShox system also helps to keep your scope Zeroed In by absorbing the majority of the vibration created by the spring instead of the vibration being transferred through your optic. Watch this video to understand more about Umarex StopShox Technology.



The Nucleus Rail Platform is a new patent-pending stock technology comprised of an insulating receiver sheath and an integrated Picatinny rail. It is engineered to reduce two of the greatest hindrances to scoped air rifle shooting - scope movement and vibration. The Nucleus Rail also reduces the audible sound levels produced by the mechanical power plant in the cylinder tube a makes mounting a scope easy. Find more details and a video about the Umarex Nucleus Rail here.



The TNT Piston is a nitrogen-filled gas piston by Umarex. The Turbo Nitrogen Technology Piston is a pellet propulsion system that uses a device much like a gas strut. An air rifle with a TNT Piston reduces the noise and vibration inherent in rifles that use a traditional coiled spring. Watch this video to see the TNT Piston in action.


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