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Browining Buckmark Review Video Transcript

Hi I'm Breanna Noble and today I want to show you the Browning Buckmark by Umarex. I think this is a really cool gun because Browning Buckmarks are .22 pistols, and they're used in steel challenge a lot and so I think that's interesting because I'm the assistant director of steel challenge at Old Fort Gun Club. And so I just really enjoy shooting .22s, and this happens to be a pellet pistol. I think it's really neat, it's got an adjustable back sight, the safety's right here, it's really easy to work. It does not have a mag because it's a break barrel and they're one pellet, and so it's about 20 pounds to break the barrel over the first time but after that super easy. You load it by putting a pellet right there. You can just snap it closed, hit safety and you can pull the trigger. The trigger is about five pounds so not too bad. And it's just a really neat gun. The cocking really isn't that bad, I thought it was gonna be, especially when it said 20 pounds, but it's really not bad at all. I mean I can do it, so I bet almost everyone else in the world can do it too. If you do shoot steel challenge, this would be a great gun because at your house or in your back you can practice your target acquisition, you can practice your sight alignment, you can practice transition, starting from a low ready. If there's something that you wanted to do or you wanted to try, and you can't make it out to the range, you can just grab this. It's pretty handy, I really enjoyed this gun and I think you will too.

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