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Colt M45 CQBP BB Gun Umarex Replica Airgun Pistol Review Video Transcript

Keeping in the 1911 line, Umarex is now putting out a much more modern version of the platform. This is a five-inch gun, it's modeled after the new Marine Corps in 45 the CQBP close-quarters battle pistol the Marine Corps is yielding right now. This has all of the features that you would typically find on a much more up-to-date modern gun. The 1911 is a hundred years old, over that time period they have changed a lot so what you see with this are the really aggressive front slide serrations which help you manipulate that slide from the front, you have carry sights that are very streamlined so when you're pulling from concealment, not catching on any kind of clothing. You also have a skeletonized hammer, you have the back strap which is lined. The grip safety does not function on this one. You look at it, it's held in place and the back strap also holds another surprise, this magazine does not contain the co2 cartridge. The co2 cartridge for this one is actually held inside the grip. So these really wonderfully scalloped grooved polymer grips that you have on here hide the co2 cartridge down inside. That makes mag changes just a little bit more distinct from how they would be because you're trying to feed this narrow piece into a very narrow channel. So if you're working on accuracy and mag changes, keep that in mind. The back strap on this is also a hex wrench that you use to tighten it, so you'll never be without it. You can just work that back in there. Now there's two things on here that are noticeably different. The travel on this one is not quite as far, and the trigger, as I'll show you in a minute, it doesn't move straight back like a 1911 trigger does, it rocks up more like a trigger on a traditional double action handgun. So, what you'll see what this is trigger practice that will, will register just a little bit of a different distinct feeling in your finger than you would with some of the other Umarex models. Let's see what it does accuracy wise.

Now the co2 is running those bbs just over 300 feet per second. It still gives you a little bit of the recoil impulse, even if the travel, the actual muzzle flip, on this one is not so pronounced. It's pretty controllable, and minus that first shot where I was just sort of figuring out where the sights were hitting, it's a pretty consistent pistol.

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