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GLOCK 19 Gen 3 Replica Airsoft Gun Handgun Review Video Transcript

I'm Breanna and today I want to show you the Glock 19 Gen 3 by Umarex. This is a very good-looking gun. I have been doing reviews for about a year now, and I've wanted to do a review on a Glock the whole time, and I finally get to. I'm super excited. Just real quick, this is a Gen 319, this is a Gen 417, but just compare the looks. Even though this is a different gun it still looks so similar, and it's got the same serrations, it's got the same slide, the only difference is the grip and the model so. I think this is a really great gun, I'm so excited to do a review on this. It's a beautiful day, we have a beautiful gun to go with it. So let's start off with the grip. This is the Gen 3 grip, it's textured on the sides, has a little different checkering on the back starting here, and then it's got textured finger grooves, so that's really nice, especially if you have bigger hands, you can put your fingers in the grooves and it just feels really good. So next I'll go to the slide lock right there. This is a slide release. This is a blowback gun, it's really nice. I think it's awesome when BB guns are blowback because it just gives you a better feel of what the Glock is gonna feel like. The sights are the same if you compare. So they have the sights down they have for the rest of the gun down. I think that's just really awesome. It shoots six-millimeter bb's as you can see right here. This Glock has a trigger safety so if you do not engage the trigger safety the gun will not go off, if you engage it, it will go bang, so just don't put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire like always. This Glock, here's the mag release right here, it feels good it's easy to handle. Something else about the trigger, it's one of the best bb triggers that I've ever felt, it's very easy, very smooth and I really enjoy it.

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