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Ruger Air Magnum Pellet Rifle Air Gun Video Transcript

Hi Eydin here. Today we're gonna go over the Ruger Air Magnum. In kind of the same pattern I do before. It starts out on top with a 4 by 32 on the scope, Allen wrenches for mounting scope rings, and then on the side here, you can use the giant screwdriver to tighten this down, you can hand tighten, I don't recommend hand tightening it, you definitely want to put a couple extra turns in there to make sure that the scope is secure. One of the things that really like about this, the fact that it has a Picatinny rail on top so you can choose your scope. You can put whatever you want there. If you want to put a red dot if you could handle it, you can put a, write it up red dot on top of that. One of the things I noticed initially when I first got this gun was as soon as I went to cock it, I can feel it. So you're gonna get a workout while you're shooting it, but that's also it makes it shoot 1,200 feet per second if you use an alloy pellet. Today I'm actually gonna shoot an 18 grain, and we'll fire it through the gun here and just see kind of what we're getting for feet per second.

And 795 feet per second. Which is about 25 foot-pounds if you're thinking for energy. So this thing right here, this is your rabbit killer. If you're gonna go out there, take rabbits, this is the way to go. Safety again is on the back, that they're kind of in the same position on all the new guns, as soon as you cock it, safety comes back in the safe position, and then you have to take it off a safety thread before you fire it. Trigger pull is actually very very smooth, there's a little bit of distance in there when you're pulling it back, but it's pretty crisp and clean when you fire the weapon itself. It does have fiber optic sights if you choose to take the scope off, and you just want to fire this thing without the scope on it, you have open sights, there's a lot of people like to shoot open sights, it gives you the old-school airgun feel to it. But in that, there's some other things that I really enjoy. The fact that checkering on here is phenomenal. On the, on the stock it has a good grasp, it helps you keep good contact with the gun and it's full length, so it's not just partial, they got a full-length area here with good checkering on the foregrip and then back here in the handle section. So other than that, the stock is well-designed, good rubber butt pad on the end of it. I like it. And it's a Ruger, of course you know I like Ruger's. Of other than that I hope this guy's helped. You guys can check that, Texas hog dude on Instagram, you guys have fun slinging lead.

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