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SHOT Show 2017


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Who has the best new Guns & Gear for 2017?

Every company wants to claim that title, but it's Umarex USA that has the most innovative and truly new technologies at this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas.
A few years back Umarex USA began making plans to introduce new, unique, and innovative products specifically for the outdoorsman. You started to see that innovation in 2016 with the introduction of two new airgun technologiesStopShox and the Nucleus Rail™. This year, in 2017, Umarex is venturing beyond airguns.

Umarex USA is launching an all-new brand of lights like nothing you've seen before.
Optical Dynamics lights are long distance illuminators (LDI) that project light with an innovative and revolutionary, patented photonics lens system called CALS, which stands for Collimated Amplified Lens System. These lights are just like a projector. It captures light from its source and literally sends a focused beam of light straight to your target without dark spots or flooding the entire area with unwanted illumination.
Axeon Optics is a new optic brand with devices that solve common optic frustrations. Notably the Absolute Zero™, which easily assists with the sighting in of a scope and the Second Zero™, which gives you a second point of impact at a prescribed further distance without having to make adjustments to your scope or reflex sight. A full line of high feature scopes with wide Field of Views and lightweight tubes round out the offering.
Umarex is bringing serious innovation to big bore air rifles. The Umarex Hammer will soon become the world's most powerful production air rifle capable of delivering over 700 ft. lbs. of energy. The patent-pending valve system, loading mechanism, and three shot clip engineered into the 50 caliber Hammer, combined with the new patented Umarex ARX® Ammunition will set new records in big bore air rifle shooting and big game airgun hunting. Read the full Press Release on Umarex ARX Ammunition here.
When SERIOUS INNOVATION FOR THE OUTDOORSMAN is a company's focus. great new products just keep coming...
Small bore airgun ammunition has never been as lethal as the new Umarex Havox™. These tiny vessels of pure natural copper expand upon impact ensuring an ethical taking of small game at normal airgun hunting distances.
The Umarex Gauntlet is the first regulated PCP rifle in its class to offer 70 consistent shots from one fill of its high pressure air tank for just $299. A 10-round capacity, adjustable comb, light weight, fully shrouded barrel, and a dedicated product development team make this an ultra-quiet and affordable PCP gun that will be the first pre-charged pneumatic that many shooters own. Read the full Press Release.
True to its roots as the "King of Replicas", this air powered trainer is a must for anyone that owns the firearm—the Beretta APX. Umarex is offering a variant of the newly engineered handgun that was built with the intention of being used for military applications.  

Other Serious New Products Being Introduced in 2017 by Umarex:
- The Amazingly Quiet Umarex Strike Point with variable power capability and a built-in noise suppressor.
- An upgraded version of the Octane, the Umarex Octane Elite, has a newly designed rugged composite stock and incorporates the innovative Umarex StopShox Technology, making this Umarex best-seller even deadlier on small game.
- Big Blast Inflator Caps make your bottles go BOOM! These simple and reusable caps utilize an innovative valve material that allows normal plastic soda and water bottles to be pressurized making them reactive exploding targets!
- Modern style meets classic feel when the innovative Nucleus Rail that makes scope mounting a breeze is merged with an eco-friendly bamboo wood stock. The Umarex Forge is sleek, modern, and classic all rolled into one attractive pellet rifle. Just one glance and you'll just have to have this modern break barrel.

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