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Spring Air Rifle Shoots Pellet Long Range hit Video Transcript

Hey JB here. Fort Smith Arkansas. Got a target set down downrange. 150 yards and there's an Airgun Depot golf ball sitting down there on top of a tin can that's on top of a bucket. 150 yards, got a Walther LGU Varmint here, a fairly new gun, put maybe I don't know 30 rounds through it, so it's really not even broken in yet, and then I've got a four to twelve by forty adjustable objective scope on here. It's really smooth the shooter. You can tell we'll see inconsistencies in pellet perhaps diameter, I'm attempting to do this with an 18-grain JSB so might as well get at it, see if I can get this 150 yards shot for my Long Ranger patch. Oh did I mention this is a Springer not a PCP?

Zoom in on that real quick! Zoom in zoom in zoom in shot 2! You got a good cut you gotta come with, let's go see if I actually hit the thing or what shot 2. if I did this if I did this in two shots with that LGU varmint and 18 green pellet, that's bragging rights for me baby because I am not that great of a shot, I don't shoot a lot. You know the old saying that if you like to do something don't work in that industry because you don't get to do it? Like I used to work in the finish fishing industry and you didn't get to fish. Same thing here, you work in the shooting industry you don't get to shoot, so I don't shoot a whole ton of oh I don't get to watch everybody else shoot usually behind the cameras or whatever. If I pulled this off if I pull this off I get a patch. My long-range patch. Do you think I pulled it off? I got a cameraman, his name is Chad. It's not on the can, the can's still standing up. Second shot. I watched Rossi's little PCP gun at 150 yards, he was using the Gauntlet, and he said somebody do it with a Springer. We'll see, Rossi.

Look at it. There's a pellet. There looks like what I'm going to assume is shot one right here. There's a pellet lying here. Okay this was on top of the can you saw it in the camera when he zoomed in, and sitting there. These things use a lot of energy at 150 out of a Springer. You can see it hit something cuz that pellet's shaved off there. Airgun Depot, you guys might have to make the call on this one. I don't know if I can do it again. Keep coming back to that one mark, I think that's a defect in the ball. It didn't bust, but can was still sitting there, didn't move, can was still sitting there, there are no marks and again you can see the pellets. I gotta call out a hit guys, I gotta call that hit. You saw it in the camera, it was sitting there. I wonder. What I think happened there is it hit that ball, scraped that pellet off and then comes at this at an angle which is why that's some sort of weird hole in the target there and then the pellet's lying there, and we walked up. That's what I think happened, it's gotta be 150 yard shot LGU Walther LGU Varmint 18-grand JSB, Airgun Depot long ranger shot, JB out.

Alright Chad, you were my witness right, but Airgun Depot, we got to call this a hit, and here's why. Because I put 30 or so rounds downrange just practicing a little bit, you know, figure out where these pellets hit and where this gun hits and what it's doing. And these pellets, these 18 grain pellets are dropping fast when they get out to 150 yards out of a Springer, out of this Walther LGU Varmint. Airgun Depot, let me tell you the thump, yeah there's a jet going overhead, we're near an airport. But the thump that this pellet was making on that cardboard was much different than the thump that it made when it hit that golf ball, and it didn't hit the tin, the pellet didn't hit the tin because that would have been a distinctive plink sound and the pellet itself, we showed you at the target, you know it's marred to one side, so here's what I believe happened and I left the ball down there, but here's what I believe happened , here's what I know happened. All right, so here's the ball, you got the ball the pellet's coming in, it's dropping, because you saw that little mar in the target over here and where the pellet hit the backer board okay, so the pellet's dropping, comes in, hits the side of that golf ball and then reflects off over into this target here at a side angle and then didn't go into the wall all the way through, it still had enough energy yet that it bounced off of that backer board and fell onto the bucket there right beside the tin that you saw. So that is 150-yard long ranger shot with a Walther LGU Varmint Springer, a Springer Rossi Moreale, bring it on.

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