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Umarex Air Gun NRA Edition Colt Peacemaker Pistol Review Video Transcript

Hi I'm Breanna and today we're gonna look at the Colt Peacemaker. This is the NRA edition. It's a very neat gun. It shoots 380 feet per second. It's a pellet pistol. It has the co2 in the handle and it's a single action. So let's take a look. So here's the colt, it's a beautiful gun, has the NRA emblem in the grip, it has a beautiful wood finish, it's not really wood but it looks like it. In the grip it has your co2 cartridge right here. To get the co2 cartridge out, you use your allen wrench on the handle, you just tighten or loosen right there. It's super easy. I actually love that the co2 is in the grip and that it is that easy that's something that I really like about this gun. Next we have the hammer, so right now it's at half cock. Pull it all the way back for a full cock, and this is when the gun will go off. If it's a half cock that's when you are able to load and unload right here. And then right here's your trigger, your trigger guard. It has a great trigger on this gun, I actually really love this trigger. When you pull the hammer all the way back that's how far back your trigger goes, and so it's a very short reach, and it's very crisp I like it a lot. So here's your plunger right here. This is what you use to push the bullets out on this side when you have this open. The cylinder does not come out of the gun but you can spin it. So. The sight on this gun, it has a front sight and a little notch right here, so you just line those up best you can. It's kind of hard to see because the front sight is pretty short, but it's a very accurate gun. It's not addressable, but it's really nice I like it. Let's see how it shoots.

As you can see this gun is really accurate, and that's because it has a rifle barrel. I think that's really cool that the pellet pistols have rifle barrels and I just think it's a neat factor. Something I learned about this gun after I got it is there's a reason the grip is actually shaped like this wider on the bottom and thin on the top, that's because when in the Wild West days when they were shooting, they would have to flip it up to pull back the hammer, pull the trigger, flip it up, pull back the hammer, and then pull the trigger, and just kind of hope that sliding their hand better, and so it wasn't probably the best way to pull the hammer back, but that's one of the reasons that it was like this, and so that's just kind of neat. I really like this gun, it's really something you could add to your collection if you like collecting, but you can still shoot it and not worry about it breaking. Another cool feature is that on the back of the grip right here, it has the part of the Second Amendment that says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I think that's really cool, I really enjoyed this gun, and I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching.

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