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Umarex Air Gun Trap-Shot Pellet Target Video Transcript

When it comes to shooting, there's really nothing more fun than shooting steel. Well, almost nothing. The Umarex Trap-Shot combines the fun of a steel target with an automatic reset that is as simple as one, two, three. Already assembled, this fun target helps you acquire aim and pull the trigger with speed and accuracy, and all without the need to constantly reset the target. Simply shoot the targets on the right and left, and then shoot the center target to reset. This target allows you to hone your accuracy skills without having to constantly go downrange. The Umarex Trap-Shot is preassembled, so you'll be able to enjoy it right away. Set it on a sturdy surface with a safe backstop to catch any stray shots. This target is optimized for co2-powered pistols and lower energy co2 or spring powered pellet rifles. The Trap-Shot target is a fun, affordable way to enjoy the sport of shooting. Get one for yourself and your best friend.

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