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Umarex Airguns Steel Force BB Gun Air Gun Review Video Transcript

Hey everyone I'm Breanna and this is the Steel Force by Umarex. this is a really cool gun, and I tell you that because it's not only semi-automatic but it also has a six round burst option. You just flip it up for semi-automatic and then six round burst, who don't want to shoot that? It's pretty cool. It has flip up sights right here and it's like got a little ghost ring sight, it's pretty nice, it's got a charging handle, and the mag right here is where your co2 is. You pull that off your co2 is right here. You have these little knobs like this one, and tighten and loosen, they put your co2 in there. Put that back in a little spot, snap that, and you're ready to go. To take the mag out, to take the mag out, you push the mag release right there and then you push down on this little metal part, and it pulls right out. Super easy, even my brother can do it. To load this, you pull this back, and this is where you pour in your bb's. Like I said earlier it holds 300 in the forearm. See you just pour some in like that and you're ready to go.

I love shooting this gun it is so much fun. It looks and feels just like an AR, and I love the six round burst. It is so much cheaper than shooting a 223. It's amazing. So if you'd like to learn more about this gun, please visit your local dealer or as always you can go to

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