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Umarex NXG APX Air Gun Youth Rifle Review Video Transcript

Hi I'm Breanna, today I'm going to tell you about the Umarex youth rifle, and I really like this because it's light and it's small, and you can get so many people started on this. It is a really good rifle to start out on. It comes in a kit actually. It has 500 pellets, 250 dome, 250 pointed. It comes with some bb's as well, 500. It comes with targets. You just pull the target off and unfold it. So here's one side, there's another. And it also comes with a scope. And this is a cute little scope you can put it on a rail right here, and it's really handy or if you don't want to use the scope you can just use the iron sights with the red fiber optic sight on front. Back to the stock. I love that it has the raised cheek piece, it's very comfortable, it fits well. The back of the stock, the butt of the stock fits well in your shoulder, it's very comfortable, as I said before, it's also light. Coming up here we have the safety right here in the trigger guard. To take it off of safe, you push this like that. Put it back on safe, push that forward. The trigger is textured so you know if you have your finger in the same spot every time it helps. I actually prefer texture trigger some of the time.

Here's the chamber, you pull that back. When it's pulled back is when you can pump it and you pump it three to ten times, super easy to do. So after you pump, you just put a pellet in here or a bb if you have bbs in here already. You shut that, and you're ready to shoot. So let's see how it shoots. You also get a pretty good workout because getting it to five pumps it gets difficult, but it's worth it, trust me.

This is a really fun gun, I really enjoy shooting it. It's great to get kids into shooting or if someone hasn't shot before this would be a perfect gun to get it started out. The kit also comes with safety glasses, and so if you buy the kit, you have the pellets, you have the bbs, you have targets, and you have safety glasses, and it's just a really great starting point. So I recommend this to you, and thank you for watching this video, and I hope you have a great day.

So close let's try 160. 10 more. Whew, yes! 160 pumps right there for 3,000 psi. Now bleed her out, pop that off like that. 3000 psi, 160 pumps, with the new Umarex PCP pump. 180 bucks, you can get it online. Now with this gun I got a good solid 80 shots. That's it. If you want it go online to get it, and if you're thinking that looks too hard, don't be such a baby about it. I just did it, look I'm barely breathing okay.

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