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  • .43 cal dust green/yellow (430 count jar)
  • .43 cal dust green/yellow (430 count jar)

.43 cal dust green/yellow (430 count jar)


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Designed for use with .43 caliber training weapons, Battle dust is a clean, safe and easy to use substitute to traditional paintball training rounds or propellant powered simunition. Battledust remains stable in even extreme temperatures, is encased in water resistant casings and is easy to clean out of equipment, training weapons and training environments. T4E provides law enforcement and military Training Guns with authentic weight, feel and action to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Training with these authentic replicas provides better quality training and better reaction to real life scenarios. Our products carry supreme quality while remaining cost effective to all budgets. "Train More, Spend Less" Features: Functional and stable in even extreme tempuratures Water resistant casings allow for use in wet or damp environments High visibility powder allows for positive hit confirmation Designed for maximum accuracy Special formulation provides for easy clean up For use with .43 caliber training markers Color: Green/Yellow Quantity: 430 rounds Compatibility: .43 training markers

Check T4E (Training for Engagement) for special pricing on their training guns, ammo, and accessories.


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