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  • Elite Force 11.1V Lipo 1500 STICK Battery

Elite Force 11.1V Lipo 1500 STICK Battery


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Elevate your shooting experience with the high voltage power of our Elite Force 11.1V Lithium Polymer ("Lipo") stick battery. Like our 7.4V Lipo stick battery, we offer the 11.1V option with 1,500 milliamp hours (mah) of battery life as well. While the dimensions of our 11.1V Lipo stick battery exceed those of our 7.4V Lipo option which can make it slightly more difficult to fit in certain rifles, there is still a significant advantage over other battery types when it comes to fitting inside a wide variety of airsoft AEGs. The 11.1V Lipo stick battery is a must-have for mid-level to expert-level players looking to gain the most performance out of their electric airsoft rifles. With the higher voltage of an 11.1V battery, players will enjoy an extremely fast trigger response as well as a higher rate of fire in full-auto mode. That means more rounds down range in less time. Isn't that what it's all about? We think so. These batteries are a great option for our Gen 3 AEG models that feature a built-in MOSFET which helps regulate high voltage battery current. Grab two sticks for twice the battery life!


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