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  • Elite Force M4 "First Aid Kit" - (parts comp M4s)

Elite Force M4 "First Aid Kit" - (parts comp M4s)


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We try to be humble as much as possible, but this idea is just too good not to brag about. If you're an M4 AEG user, whether it's an Elite Force brand rifle or not, you need our Elite Force M4 First Aid Kit. Plain, simple, and as a matter of fact. With enough use, something inside your AEG is likely to break or fail, regardless of maker. This is simply due to the mechanical nature of airsoft AEGs and the wear and tear than can occur from the stress of long-term operation. Be ready for the inevitable. Pick up one of our M4 First Aid Kits and have just about any spare replacement part you need at the ready. Get your gun back up and running within the same day after a breakage without having to wait for new parts to arrive in the mail (several days later). Avoid AEG downtime with the Elite Force M4 First Aid Kit and the life you save may be that of your AEG!


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