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  • HK G28 AEG TAN - "Elite" - Umarex USA
  • HK G28 AEG TAN - "Elite" - Umarex USA
  • HK G28 AEG TAN - "Elite" - Umarex USA

HK G28 AEG TAN - "Elite"


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The HK G28 AEG is arguably the piece de resistance of our 2016 Elite Force product line. The precision engineering that went into this incredible airsoft rifle will leave you with just enough breath to whisper something majestic in German (probably). Our attention to detail went so far as to include the gas tube switch found on the firearm version for shooting with a suppressor. Our switch doesn't function, but it's there and it adds yet another minor detail that makes a big difference in creating the desired realism most players seek in a high-end airsoft rifle. Elite, however, does not begin to describe this rifle. Some airsoft guns were built to look good. Others were built to shoot well. This one was built to do both. We went ahead and turbo-charged the internals with a metal gearbox reinforced with radial corners in the cylinder window to prevent stress fractures, added a high-torque motor and gears, plus an M130 spring for a monstrous 435 FPS velocity. The rotary dial hop-up assembly allows for easy micro adjustments and an extended inner barrel was added for surgical, long-range accuracy. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so we made sure to include a high-performance MOSFET unit to make this a truly "Lipo-ready" AEG. Your Lipo stick battery is stored inside the oversized buffer tube to the rear of the rifle. Rest your rosy red cheek on the fully adjustable cheek rest while simultaneously adjusting the 6-postion stock for proper length of pull. As this was designed to be a true designated marksman rifle, in the essence of its firearm counterpart, the HK G28 AEG shoots in semi-auto only. A unique trait that saves you the hassle of having to permanently modify your rifle to prevent it from shooting on full-auto, something most game rules prohibit for rifles that shoot over 400 fps. You're welcome in advance. The HK G28 AEG is a rifle meant to be enjoyed in game, not read about online. So stop reading this, get out, and go play with your new HK G28 AEG ASAP!

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Manual: Manual-HK-HK-G28-2262058-2280017-06R15.pdf



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