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  • HK MP5 A4 AEG - BLK - "Elite" - (W/3shotBurst) - Umarex USA
  • HK MP5 A4 AEG - BLK - "Elite" - (W/3shotBurst) - Umarex USA
  • HK MP5 A4 AEG - BLK - "Elite" - (W/3shotBurst) - Umarex USA
  • HK MP5 A4 AEG - BLK - "Elite" - (W/3shotBurst) - Umarex USA

HK MP5 A4 AEG - BLK - "Elite" - (W/3shotBurst)


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It sure seems like just about every airsoft player goes through a phase at some point in their life where only an MP5 will do. If you haven't hit that phase yet, don't worry. We'll be here when you do. If you find yourself feeling warm & fuzzy about taking an MP5 to your next airsoft game, allow us to alleviate the stress and anxiety of having to choose which one. The HK MP5 A4 AEG is an absolute classic and offers so much versatility, we feel kinda bad for other submachine guns in its class. For example, the fixed stock offers an enlarged area for storing a bigger battery than other MP5 models, while the sub-compact front end allows for high maneuverability in small spaces. Never ones to settle for "good enough," we took things to the next level and installed a high-tech MOSFET unit inside. Shoot with confidence without having to worry about burning up the trigger contact plates from use with high-voltage Lipo batteries. The MOSFET unit also provides the ability to fire not only on semi or full-auto, but 3-round burst as well. Are you into high quality materials & parts? That's cool. So are we, hence the stamped steel receiver and premium grade external polymer components. Did we make improvements to the tappet plate and piston inside the gearbox of this latest generation? Yes. Yes we did...because we care. With so much to offer the shooter in the way of quality and performance, you may as well pick one of these up now even if you're not ready yet. History has shown it's only a matter of time, so you may as well get ahead of the curve and get yours NOW!

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Manual: Manual-HK-MP5-A5-and-MP5-A4-2278063-2278060-Elite-05R13.pdf



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