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  • Legends P.08 Air Pistol - Umarex USA
  • Legends P.08 Air Pistol - Umarex USA

Legends P.08 Air Pistol


$ 70.99

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At the end of World War II, many American GIs came home with Lugers tucked neatly away in their trunks. The P-08 was the most sought after trophy of the European theater. The Luger is more than that, though. The pistol is an exquisite design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Now Umarex has built a functional replica for those who want one of their own. This CO2 powered air pistol has a 21 round magazine, and the weight and feel of an original P-08. The Luger is a masterpiece, and now it is as much fun to shoot as it is to look at.


Product Group: Air Pistols
Brand: Legends
Velocity (FPS): 410
Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
Ammo Type: Steel BBs
FPS: 410
Barrel Length: 4.6
Total Length (inches): 8.5
Capacity: 21
Action: Double Repeater
Power: CO2
Trigger Action: Double

Video Overview of the Legends P. 08

Manual: Manual-Legends-P.08-2251800-EN-FR-SP-01R13.pdf


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