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  • Polar Star HK 416C by POLARSTAR - CUSTOM
  • Polar Star HK 416C by POLARSTAR - CUSTOM

Polar Star HK 416C by POLARSTAR - CUSTOM


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Sometimes the term "CQBeast" can be misapplied or overstated when describing the ultimate close quarter battle airsoft rifle. On the contrary, we're not sure that term is even adequate when it comes to our P* HK 416C by PolarStar. We combined premium HK external features with unmatched internal performance and versatility from the PolarStar Fusion Engine to create the last CQB airsoft rifle you'll ever need. For those less familiar with the characteristics of a PolarStar Fusion Engine system, this is a drop-in internal conversion unit designed to replace your AEG's standard mechanical gearbox with an electro-pneumatic system powered by an external high pressure air source (generally a small tank). The engine is fully programmable to suit just about any environment you wish to play in; two through nine-round burst fire, increase or decrease the cycle rate on full auto, adjustable velocity for indoor versus outdoor engagements, easy to maintain and…oh yea, they're made here in America. The PolarStar Fusion Engine truly changed the game! Imagine charging through your favorite CQB field with ease and high maneuverability granted by the extremely compact size of the HK416C while issuing blazing fast volleys of BB fire. That's not a dream. That can be your reality now that we've paired the HK416C with the PolarStar Fusion Engine. Make it your reality today!


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