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  • Walther 4 x 32 Air Rifle Scope
  • Walther 4 x 32 Air Rifle Scope

Walther 4 x 32 Air Rifle Scope


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Targeting scopes are very popular among air gunners because a good scope helps to achieve accuracy. A scope is the number one airgun accessory air rifle owners purchase. Walther Airgun Scopes are designed for air guns and feature ASR Technology to specifically handle the recoil shock unique to an air rifle where the first kick is rearward like a firearm, followed by an additional forward kick that is unique to an airgun. Firearm scope lenses are reinforced at the front to handle the rearward kick. The lenses on a Walther Airgun Scope are additionally reinforced at the rear to handle the second (forward) kick. ASR Technology protects the scope lenses from the unique recoil of an airgun.


Product Group: Optics, Mounts, & Sights
Brand: Walther
Total Length (inches): 11.5

Manual: Manual-Walther-4x32-Scope-EN-FR-SP-GR-02R07.pdf


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