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  • Walther PS 55 Red Reticle Point Sight

Walther PS 55 Red Reticle Point Sight


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Point Sights allow you to shoot air guns with both eyes open. By keeping both eyes open you can acquire your target quickly by using a dot or a reticle as found equipped in the Walther Multi-dot and Multi-reticle point sights as well as the Shot Dot. Aim point sights like the Walther Top Points project a dot on a lens within a tube and allow you to aim without the use of iron or blade sights. The PS55 is most commonly mounted on the top of air pistols.


Product Group: Optics, Mounts, & Sights
Brand: Walther

Manual: Manual-Walther-PS55-2300580-EN-FR-SP-GR-12R08.pdf


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