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A New Year and New Air Guns

Happy New Year Umarex Airgunners!

Thank you for beginning 2021 with us through this airgun newsletter. We enjoy writing for you and we hope that you have found a handful of our blogs helpful, informative, and/or entertaining. Lots of people started shooting airguns for the first time this past year. If you know one of them, be sure to share this newsletter with them!

For most of us the holidays are over, 2020 is in the rearview mirror, and we’ve got 2021 under our feet and in our crosshairs. Despite the things we can’t directly control, you know, like pandemics, politics, and social movements, we’re going to make this year of air guns better than the last and hope you’ll stay with us. We started some time back to make sure of it and you’ll see some of it come to light with us through our new airguns of 2021. In due time. Until then, here’s our 2020 tops and a peek into the first three new airguns to be announced. Enjoy!

Top 3 Air Gun Blog Posts of 2020

If you missed any of these airgun articles we’re confident you’ll find a nugget of inspiration within. Just click the title to read more.

The 3 Most Popular New Airguns of 2020

We hit the range with a tank full of air in January 2020 with three exciting introductions. Two of them redefined the air archery category.

  • Umarex AirSaber Arrow Rifle
  • Umarex AirJavelin Arrow Gun → Go to page and click, “Notify Me When Available”
  • Legends M1A1 full auto BB Gun (We have a few in stock!)

Notify Me When Available Button ImageWhen you’re on our website and we’re out of stock, just click “Notify Me When Available” and you’ll get an email when our production team gets some on our shelves!

Top 3 Sought After BB Guns of 2020

Well, it may be no surprise that officially licensed GLOCK airguns took all three spots. They’ve been in such demand that everyone we get from our production team is sold in the same day.

2020’s Top 3 Air Rifles from Umarex

Quiet and/or powerful is the theme here. The Hammer was re-energized as its production team started forging ahead earlier in 2020. There’s been some beautiful deer harvested with it. Did you see this World Record Airgun mule deer? Quiet is the key of the Fusion 2 in the second slot and our number three spot just goes to show that the Gauntlet is still one of the more popular PCP rifles on the market today.

The Top 5 Airgun Accessories of 2020

We could just stop at 3 for this one. The first spot is more of a necessity in our world than it is an accessory. We have to have CO2 for our beloved air pistols. And BBs too for that matter. We added four and five because it just backs up the fact that they’re the most popular airguns of our 2020.

The First Three Air-Powered Guns to be Announced in 2021

Availability dates are yet to be nailed down, but we wanted you, our email subscribers, to be among the first to know about these new air powered guns coming from Umarex USA in 2021. Stay subscribed to this email newsletter so you’ll get the information as it is released. And stay tuned to Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportsman Channel and the Outdoor Channel during the second half of January. You’ll get a glimpse of all three of these during the show.

  • Legends M3 Grease Gun - Another iconic U.S. war replica with the fun full-auto function that doubles as a collector’s piece.
  • Smith & Wesson M29 - The big revolver that became a character in and of itself when wielded by the 1970’s character, officer Harry Callahan. It’s a replica of the then, “most powerful handgun in the world.” Powered by CO2 and shoots BBs with removable casings. Officially licensed.
  • Prepared2Protect HDX 68 - a .68 caliber shotgun powered by CO2 engineered to shoot pepper-filled rounds for home and self defense. Find out more about P2P here »

Happy New Year!
From your friends at Umarex Airguns

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