Answers to Common Airgun Questions


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Where do I send a gun for service?

Call our Umarex USA service department at 479-646-4210. Please do not ship a gun without calling to discuss your service options.

Can orders be shipped outside of the USA?

We currently only ship to the United States.

Can an air gun be shipped to my address?

Some United States statutes and/or local ordinances prohibit the sale and possession of air guns in some areas. Know the laws that govern you. View the Shipping Restrictions page for examples. We suggest that you contact your local authorities prior to placing an order.

Will I be chared sales tax on my order?

Only Arkansas residents are charged sales tax.

Is secure to order from?
How can I tell if an item is out of stock?

An "Out of Stock" note will be provided at the top of your browser upon clicking the "Add to Cart" button if an item is Out of Stock. You will not be able to add any item showing this statement to your shopping cart. If we run out of an item before we are able to change the notification to " Out of Stock", we are unable to ship the order until that product has been removed from the order. We do not issue back orders. In the rare event that this happens, we will contact you.

Can I change/add to my order after it has been submitted?

We begin processing your order almost immediately. Once your order has been submitted we are unable to make changes to the order. Please review your order very carefully prior to clicking on the final submit order button.

How will my order be shipped?

Orders placed at ship by FedEx only. Any order containing a gun must be signed for by a person 18 years of age or older. Review our shipping policy.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


How do I keep the appearance of my airgun looking new?

For the exterior metal areas of your airgun, RWS Spring Cylinder Oil is recommended. Apply lightly.

How do I keep my CO2 air gun functioning like new?

You can extend the life of the valve/seal assemblies by applying a drop of RWS Chamber Lube to the tip of each CO2 cylinder prior to installing. Also, use high quality pellets that are very clean and that don't cause your pellet gun to jam. We recommend RWS Airgun Pellets.

What pellet is recommended for hunting applications?

RWS SuperDome pellets are a great all-around field pellet that offer both precision and knock-down power.

What pellet is recommended for Air Rifles?

It is best to use a high quality pellet that is consistent in shape and weight and that leaves very little lead residue in your air rifle's barrel. RWS pellets are German made to exacting standards for consistency and very little lead deposit. Because every air rifle is unique, we suggest shooting different types of pellets to learn which one best performs with your air rifle. For this reason, we recommend you start with an RWS Pellet Sampler.

What is the best type of CO2 cylinder to use in my air pistol?

We recommend Umarex CO2 cylinders for all CO2 powered air pistols.

My new break barrel air rifle's barrel won't break open for cocking and loading.

Air rifles are typically built with very close tolerances and can be "tight" when new. You may take the flat of your hand and give it a good tap just behind the front sight to break open your new air rifle. You can also put a couple drops of gun oil (RWS Spring Cylinder Oil recommended) where the barrel block pivots and that may help the issue. Be sure adhere to all gun safety rules when handling your air rifle.

The drop out magazine of my BB pistol will not drop free.

There may be a BB lodged in the magazine well. This can happen if you do not shoot all of the BBs out of the magazine prior to removing the magazine. If the magazine does drop out, but a BB remains lodged, you may be unable to reinsert the magazine. Use a flashlight to look up in the area where the magazine is inserted to see if a BB is lodged. Also, when inserting a BB magazine, keep the airgun in an upright position, not turned on it's side or upside down. ALWAYS be certain the airgun is ON SAFE and follow all gun safety precautions when working on or handling any gun.

The rechargeable battery for my Airsoft Gun gets hot.

It is best to use the charger that came with your airgun. Make sure the charger being used is designated for the type of battery you have. Batteries that get hot, meaning they exceed being warm to the touch, should not be charged again with the current charger being used. In general, the battery gets warm to the touch when full, but not hot. If the battery gets hot, it is likely the charger has malfunctioned. To verify, plug in a different battery. If that battery gets hot, remove it immediately and replace the charger.