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Are You Ready For a BIG Announcement!

How do you really thank your customers for being dedicated fans of your brand and your products? There’s several ways this can be done. Our social media team will publish user generated content when given permission to do so. We offer sales and discounts through our Umarex Club Newsletter, and we also do as many public-focused events as we can. It never seems like enough, though. We have a great and growing group of fans and that not only feels good, but it has pushed Umarex Airguns up from a relative unknown to THE leading force in the airgun industry. 

Thank You For Making Umarex USA the BEST!

Our products are showing up in more retail spaces, and we are constantly growing our product lines to make more of the gear you folks want. So as we considered what we can do to help show you all that we appreciate your business, we thought about how many of you are repeat customers. You’ve bought an airgun or airgun accessories from us more than once over the years and we are thankful for that. How about giving you a chance to pay yourself forward for future purchases? 

That’s exactly what we did. Effective immediately, we have instituted our UX Loyalty Points program. This program will award points based on the items you purchase and allow you to save these points to discount your next purchase. First, in case you haven’t already done this, you will need to login and create an account with us to start earning UX Loyalty Points. 

Let’s Do This!

This can be done by clicking here on the “Log On” icon in the top right hand corner of your browser. Follow the prompts and fill in the information and the new account will be created. If you already have an account you're good to go. 

As a register account holder, every dollar you spend you will be awarded 1 Loyalty point. Each Loyalty point has a value of $0.07 that can be applied to your next purchase once you reach 80 points, the minimum dispersion amount. Even better, the points never expire! We will apply the points earned from a purchase to your account 14 days after the purchase and you will be able to use them immediately after that.*

For the next 30 days we are giving you 65 Loyalty Points just for setting up your account at UmarexAirguns.com! 

Get A Move On!

Don’t wait around because 30 days has a way of flying by! Also, if you haven’t signed up for our Umarex Club Newsletter, this would be a good time to do that as well. Our Umarex Club Newsletter is full of airgun information and any hot deals or bundles we’ve cooked up for YOU! Plus, we announce new products in the e-newsletter too.

Once again, thank you for being a loyal fan of Umarex Airguns and Umarex USA!

*Any taxes and shipping charges are not figured into calculating the points. UX Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Umarex USA Reserves the right to cancel points or close accounts that obtain points by fraud and cancel orders for where fraudulently obtained points are redeemed for a purchase. See all the rules and policies concerning this program here on our website.

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