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New Product Wrap Up From SHOT Show 2022!

Not gonna lie, we kinda missed Vegas. OK, there’s a lot of stuff we didn’t miss, like the stale cigarette smoke ambiance of hotel casino floors, overpriced everything, taxi drivers that take circuitous routes to the strip… There’s plenty to hate about Sin City, but the big Show, hosted by the NSSF is not one of them, even with all the hoops the attendees had to jump through in order to attend. Be that as it may, my critique of social issues is not why you are here. You want to read about all the new Umarex gear slated to come to the retail shopping space in 2022. So without further ado, here’s the BIG NEWS from the big UX for this year!

It’s PRIMAL! The Big Bore PCP PRIMAL 20

Big Bore PCPs are on the minds and lips of an increasing number of airgun shooters in every corner of the US. And we are here to give you options. The Umarex PRIMAL 20 is a 20 gauge “shotgun” style PCP slug gun. Like the Hammer, the PRIMAL 20 features a two-shot magazine and is powered by a 24 cubic inch tank, but unlike the Hammer, the PRIMAL 20 utilizes a special 20 gauge slug that is fired through a smooth bore and passes through a rifled choke on the way out of the barrel. The rifled slug and the spin imparted from the choke give the big 395 grain slug a good twist for accurate performance within 100 yards. This huge hunk of lead leaves the barrel at 700 fps for 430 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle.

AirSaber Elite X2 Air Archery Gun

While the Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 was actually debuted to the world in the first part of January during the ATA Show, we wanted to include this amazing air archery device in with the rest of the “new for 2022” items. The “X2” comes by that moniker honestly– via 2 barrels of arrow flinging power! With 4,000 psi of air on tap from the 240cc tank, the ability to put another shot downrange in mere seconds is an incredibly reassuring bit of insurance when a trophy is on the line. With new record classifications opening up for air gun hunting, the 2nd shot back up might be how you get to take a record! With well over 135 ft-lbs of energy on tap from the first 10 shots, the power is there to perform!

Umarex Gauntlet .30 Caliber

You asked for it. We made it. For 2022, you will see a 3rd caliber option appear for the extremely popular Gauntlet 2 platform– .30 caliber. The .30 caliber Gauntlet uses a 4,500 psi 24 cubic inch that is regulated at 2900 psi. With a single shot tray and auto-indexing 7 shot rotary magazine, the .30 caliber Gauntlet will send a 44.75 grain pellet out of the muzzle at 1,000 fps. For those of you who know, this means big power, 99 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle! There are some differences from the smaller caliber Gauntlet’s– the magazine is thicker to accommodate the longer .30 caliber pellet, and the moderator has been removed in favor of ½-20 threads so shooters can easily attach the muzzle device of their choice. You’ll want to check this latest addition to the Gauntlet line out for yourself!

Umarex AirJavelin Pro

Skipping back over to the air archery side for a moment, we have added another tier to the AirJavelin platform. The Umarex AirJavelin Pro is a major step up in performance for this air archery product. Notably for this new model, the Pro is PCP powered. A 7.4 cubic inch on-board tank complete with manometer and Foster quick-fill fitting reside in the forend. This change brings regulated pressure, 1,500 psi to be exact, to the plate. This power boost brings the velocity up to 370 FPS with the included 170 grain arrow/field point combo. Compared to the CO2 version, this is a gain of 70 fps. With more speed comes more power. The CO2 powered AirJavelin cranks out about 34 ft-lbs of energy while the new PCP AirJavelin Pro cranks our 50% more energy– 52 ft-lbs! This means the AirJavelin Pro is certainly capable of more than just back yard target shooting! Watch our hogs and coyotes!

The Notos Carbine/Pistol Platform

While the heavy hitters do seem to get quite a bit of attention, and we get it– big power commands attention– one of the coolest projects isn’t all that big at all. The Umarex Notos is a compact PCP platform that will be available in two configurations, pistol and carbine. The base product is essentially the same whether you get it in pistol or carbine- the major difference between the two is that the pistol comes with open sights and the carbine does not. The Notos features an 11.75 inch barrel that has a three chamber SilencAir muzzle device fixed to the muzzle. The on-board tank pressurizes to 3,625 psi and is regulated to 1,900 psi. With this recipe, 12 grain .22 caliber pellets will exit the short muzzle at 700 fps. Oh– I forgot to mention that the Notos is only available in the increasingly popular .22 caliber. If you are looking for a quiet and accurate air gun for urban pest elimination, the new Notos is definitely the ticket for you!

The Origin .25 Caliber PCP

The trend in airgunning is that bigger is better. The first question we heard after we released the original Origin was, “Does it come in .25 caliber?” Now we can say, “Yes!” Yes, the Umarex Origin is now available in .25 caliber. What’s new to go over? Not much but for those of you not familiar with the platform, the Origin is a side cocking PCP that utilizes a unique pre-pressurized tank that fills faster than traditional tanks of the same size. The Ever-Pressure tank system will allow a single full power shot to be taken with as few as 13 pumps and the tank can be fully pressurized with 150 pumps. The .25 caliber Origin will send a 25 grain pellet out at 950 fps and uses an 8 shot auto-advancing rotary magazine to keep things humming along. If you are looking to get into PCPs on a budget, but still want big power and accuracy, you need to be looking at the Origin.

The EMERGE 12 Shot Break Barrel

The repeater is here to stay! While much more common in the PCP platform, the gas piston/springer category is also feeling the love of more shots! We are adding to our “springer repeater” classification again this year. The Umarex Emerge is a break-barrel gas piston rifle powered by our T.N.T gas piston and utilizing an all new 12 shot auto-advancing rotary magazine. With iron sights and a solid Picatinny rail for mounting the included 4X32 scope, and available in either .177 or .22 caliber, the Emerge allows break-barrel shooters to take advantage of having a stand-alone rifle with repeating capability. In .177 caliber, standard lead pellets will fly at 1,000 fps and in .22 caliber, a standard pellet will easily hit the 800 fps mark.

Heckler & Koch HK416 .177 BB Carbine

We didn’t leave out new products for our licensed brands this year. Heckler & Koch received some love with our new HK416 .177 BB carbine. This twin 12 gram CO2 powered BB blaster can shoot in either semi-automatic or 6-round burst modes and features an A5 style adjustable stock, as well as flip up sights, and generous top, bottom, and side Picatinny rails. This little BB shooter is all about backyard fun and putting smiles on your family’s face and it is available right now at our website!

Heckler & Koch MP7 Break Barrel .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle

The Heckler & Koch MP7 is an instantly recognizable PDW that is used by top-tier agencies around the world for bringing superior firepower in a compact package. Most people will have never seen one in person but know what it is simply by the number of times they have seen it in movies, in video games, or on news reels. We’ve now created a break barrel pellet rifle version of this iconic PDW. With the compact design and collapsible wire stock, this diminutive .177 caliber pellet rifle is just tons of fun for the whole family. If you’ve been looking for a pellet rifle that smaller family members can enjoy and you love top notch replica designs, you certainly need to check out the officially licensed HK MP7 from Umarex!

The Umarex NXG Pumpshot

Speaking of family fun, the Umarex NXG Pumpshot is another great way to introduce marksmanship to the whole family. Unlike other youth-centric air rifles on the market, the Pumpshot is powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge and uses a rotary magazine and pump action to advance to the next round. The Pumpshot is downsized for small shooters but patterned after the classic pump shotgun design and has black stock and forend with an FDE receiver. Steel BBs will shoot at 450 fps and your shooters will be able to pump 10 shots through the Pumpshot before reloading.

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