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News Round-Up for Spring of 2022!

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone has adjusted to the recent time change, the days are getting longer and the mercury is climbing higher on the thermometer by the day. Yes, it's springtime here in North America. A time to get outside and get active in all those fun gun-related outdoor activities. If you’re looking for another excuse to get out for some trigger time, hang on for a second, and let’s see if we can stir one up for you. Not only that, there is some other news in the airgunning world to attend to as well!

Train With CO2

It’s no secret that Umarex USA is the King of Replicas with licenses from brands like Beretta, Colt, GLOCK, Heckler & Koch, and Smith & Wesson. Chances are we have a version of your favorite handgun in our catalog. While the availability of ammo has eased somewhat, the prices are still higher than a cat’s back. What to do? Well, do drills with air! Whether you choose the .177 caliber BB or 6mm airsoft, or even one of our .43 caliber paintball models, you can train effectively, and with authority, for a fraction of the cost of training with firearms.

Collect Your Favorite Guns From the Movies or Video Games

We are the King of Replicas, and with all those license agreements, we are bound to make a replica that has made it onto the silver screen or into your favorite video game. Heck, if you are into cosplaying James Bond, or some other Hollywood hero, we’ve got you covered. If you are an H&K fan, our Elite Force Airsoft brand has metric tons of those classic Teutonic blasters. Additionally, we make everything from the common M4 style AEG airsoft guns to fully automatic CO2 powered .177 caliber BB guns, like the German MP and the American M1A1. Then there are the handguns from various video games and films from the last 60 years. Remember Bruce Willis’ Die Hard? Who can forget the line about the then new GLOCK “7” having virtually no metal in it. While we don’t make a GLOCK 7 replica, we do make a respectable selection of their actual models in both .177 BB and 6mm airsoft. In fact, and new for 2022, we have the first mag-fed paintball GLOCK on the market!

Hit the Long Range with a PCP!

If you haven’t jumped on the PCP bandwagon, what’s holding you back? Airgunning has come of age here in the 2020’s and that is mostly due to PCP rifles doing two things at the same time. First of all, the prices for PCP rifles came down into the budget of your average shooter. Second, the performance of these rifles is phenomenal. Our original Gauntlet PCP rifle made huge waves in the industry when it came out. Not only was the rifle tuner friendly, it was regulated, shootable, and a repeater. Now in 2022, we have grown our PCP line to include the Origin and a redesign of the Gauntlet, the Gauntlet 2! Both models are available in .22 or .25 caliber. Plus, just in the last few days, the .30 caliber Gauntlet has appeared on the market. Yes, .30 caliber! At the time of publication, our initial stock of the .30 caliber will likely be depleted, but be sure to use the “Notify When Available” button to get an email when they come back in stock!

Move to Alaska

Now to wrap things up with news from our non-contiguous neighbor to the north, Alaska. One more state has been added to the list where large game can be hunted with the power of air. According to the Airgun Sporting Association, the biggest state in the Union has embraced big bore airguns for hunting deer and caribou. Alaska chose to go with .35 caliber PCP’s and larger for hunting these two species of game. While the news at this time is a bit sparse, typically in states where it is legal to hunt with big bore air, at least 200 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle is required. I’m getting the itch to move to Alaska! How about you! Once the Alaska Department of Fish & Game gets the details sorted out and published, we will be glad to pass along the information! So, if you are in Alaska or headed that way, be sure to check out our hard hitting .50 caliber Hammer and the, newly announced, Primal 20, a 20 gauge slug gun!

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