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Peas and Carrots and Legendary Airguns

Some things just go together really, really well. The preeminent philosopher of the silver screen, Forrest Gump, was oft to say that he and Jenny went together like peas and carrots. Well, maybe Forrest didn’t make the best application of the comparison, but nevertheless, peas and carrots actually do go well together, as do bananas and strawberries, peaches and cream, and steak and potatoes.

Legends Ace in the HoleNow that you are hungry, ruminate over this combination: The Legends Ace In The Hole and the Cowboy Rifle. Yep, a match made in pulp fiction and silver screen heaven if there ever was one. Cowboys and outlaws of fiction and history used the handy combination of a single action revolver and a lever action chambered in the same cartridge as the pistol. The wisdom of carrying one type of cartridge has not been lost on posterity, but that’s a subject for another blog.

The Best Cowboy Action Air Gun Gear

But going back in time by way of the present, the “Ace” and the Cowboy Rifle are very good together for a multitude of reasons. First, these are working replicas of historic designs. You don’t have to hunt down an expensive firearm version with this pair to enjoy the revolver and lever actions whose designs harken back to the days when household electricity was a novelty.

Secondly, CO2 replicas like these are crowd pleasers. There is just something about the lever action and the single action revolver that appeals to the eye. Beautiful designs like these are just not common these days. They are downright rare, in fact, in this age of throw-away everything. The Ace does feature a measure of poetic license in the front sight. This is an homage to pop-culture versions of the classic single action revolver. The Cowboy Rifle, however, is quite true to the original lever action firearm design.

Legends Cowboy RifleLastly, and truly one could go on and on, is that both these versions are joys to shoot. Loading BBs into most air guns can be a tedious task. With the BB-in-Cartridge shell that the Cowboy Rifle uses, simply pour some BBs into a lid or tray and press the grommet over a BB and it’s loaded. Get all ten of the shells loaded with BBs and the shells can be then be pressed past the loading gate into the tube magazine. Since the Cowboy Rifle has a smooth bore, it shoots BBs best. But, as many owners have found out, some lead pellets shoot (out of the appropriate cartridge) fairly well. The Ace In The Hole is pellet only and can be loaded with a similar fashion by placing the pellets tip-up on a lid or tray and pressing the shell over the pellet grommet. Load the shells into the cylinder via the loading gate on the revolver’s frame and you are ready to roll.

From Yesterday, For Today

The Ace In The Hole and the Cowboy Rifle have been on the market for almost three years at this point. But, these two models have been residing in people’s minds for scores of years. Now you can scratch the itch for Old West nostalgia in an easy, fun way with both or either of these replicas. Check them out on our website via the hyperlinks above! Mark Davis, avid outdoorsman, family man and outdoors writer, is the Social Media Specialist at Umarex USA.

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