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  • Beretta M92 A1 .177 Black
  • Beretta M92 A1 .177 Black
  • Beretta M92 A1 .177 Black
  • Beretta M92 A1 .177 Black

Beretta M92 A1 .177 Black


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The sleek curves and solid build of the M92 A1 .117 air pistol work well with the full-metal construction and authentic feel of this gun. Not only does this gun provide realistic blowback action, but it also has a full auto mode that makes airgunning even more fun than before. The 18-shot magazine serves as the CO2 location to power the airgun.


The first time you squeeze the trigger you'll joyfully experience the excitement of firing this all-metal and accurate copy of this Beretta 92A1 in its UNIQUE BURST-FIRE MODE. This Umarex 92A1 air powered action pistol is a variation of the powder-burning Beretta combined with a unique feature only found in the rare and discontinued Beretta Model 93R, a select-fire handgun that was only produced for the Italian military and Italian law enforcement from 1979 to 1993. The burst-fire mechanism of the 93R counted shots. After three rounds in rapid succession, the trigger had to be pulled again, thus eliminating the tendency to empty a full magazine with one pull of the trigger. This same type of device is used in this Umarex 92A1 model. You'll find the selector tucked away on the right side of the receiver. It has a capacity of 18 steel BBs whereas the original 93R utilized a 20 round magazine. 

This 92A1 provides the exact feel and operation as the 9mm firearm model. This includes draw stroke, thumb safety release, target acquisition, as well as fire drills, reloading drills, reloads with spare magazines, and even mock clearing drills. It also has the latest Beretta white-dot sights and a rounded trigger guard.

This airgun uses magazine 2253019. 

The double-single action trigger on this Beretta airgun works identically to the cartridge-firing model, with the first round fired in double action and the slide cycling back after discharge to cock the hammer and chamber the next steel BB. You can also cock and de-cock the gun manually. This air pistol uses a Beretta-style magazine that contains both the BBs and CO2 capsule in one unit, for the most authentic handling when reloading. All current holsters for the 92FS also fit the air pistol. You could not ask for a more accurate copy of the 92A1 cartridge pistol for remedial training and extra magazines are available direct from Umarex USA.

At a range of 7 yards, firing the 92A1 with .177 Umarex Steel BBs or Hornady Black Diamond BBs, experienced handgun shooters can achieve a group of 12 shots measuring about 1.75 inches and a best five-shots around one-quarter inch.

Full-Auto/ Semi-Auto
Full metal
Realistic recoil action
18-shot BB pistol
CO2 housed in the magazine
Drop-free CO2/BB magazine
Fixed front and rear sights

Beretta Trademarks Licensed by Beretta - Italy

Manual: Manual-Beretta-M92-A1-2253017-EN-FR-SP-09R15.pdf


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