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  • HK45 C02 - Black

HK45 C02 - Black


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When quality counts, but your budget is limited, the HK45 CO2 blowback pistol is arguably your best bet. With authentic Heckler & Koch trademarks, ambidextrous paddle-style magazine release, and powered by the consistent gas properties of CO2 gas, this highly affordable airsoft pistol makes others in its class pale by comparison. Highly effective in a cold-weather environment as well as indoor CQB games, keeping an HK45 CO2 blowback pistol at your side seems like an obvious choice. Make the right move and fire away with the HK45 CO2 pistol.

Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH

Manual: Manual-HK-45-Airsoft-2273026-2273027-2273028-06R14.pdf


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