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The Umarex Gauntlet SL30 Air Rifle

The NEW Gauntlet SL30

The Gauntlet® 30 Side Lever!

Introducing the Umarex® Gauntlet SL30, a high-pressure, side lever action air rifle built on the popular Umarex Gauntlet platform but with refined internals, a step up in caliber, and new features that provide a significant increase in lethal energy froma .25-caliber — going from 50 foot-pounds to 99 foot-punds. Get more energy on impact for predator and midsize game hunting or shooting for sport. Take a shot at shooting 100-yard bench rest with the Umarex Gauntlet SL30!

The side lever .30 caliber Gauntlet uses a 4,500 PSI 24 cubic inch that is regulated at 2,800 PSI. It has a smooth, side-lever cocking mechanism that makes shooting the Gauntlet easier than ever due to improved ergonomics and use interaction with this air rifle. The side lever makes it easier for a shooter to stay on target between shots and lessens the amount of effort it takes to cock the rifle and advance the next pellet or slug. The Gauntlet SL30 uses the same 7-shot magazine and shoots with the same hard-hitting performance of the original Gauntlet 30. SL30 owners will be please to know that they can shoot either pellets or .30 caliber airgun slugs in this new PCP.

Umarex Gauntlet SL30 Magazine close up
Brimstone. Shoots like heaven. Hits like hell.
Features Gauntlet® Gauntlet® 2 Gauntlet® SL30
Velocity 880 FPS - .22 cal.
890 FPS - .25 cal.
1,075 FPS - .22 cal.
985 FPS - .25 cal.
1,000 FPS w/ 44.75 gr - .30 cal.
Shot Count 60+ Shots - .22 cal.
27+ Shots - .25 cal.
70+ Shots - .22 cal.
50+ Shots - .25 cal.
Up to 25 Consistent Shtos
Tank Capacity 13 CI x 3,000 PSI 24 CI x 4,500 PSI 24 CI x 4,500 PSI
Regulator 1,100 PSI - .22 cal.
1,900 PSI - .25 cal.
1,900 PSI - .22 cal.
2,100 PSI - .25 cal.
2,800 PSI
Magazine Capacity 10 rds. - .22 cal.
8 Rds. - .25 cal.
10 rds. - .22 cal.
8 Rds. - .25 cal.
7 rds.
Action Bolt Handle Oversized, Knurled Bolt Handle Side Lever
Stock Standard Adjustable Precision Style Adjustable Precision Style Adjustable
Silencer Single Baffle 4 Baffle Design - 8db Reduction 1/2x20 Muzzle Thread for Silencer
Weight 8.5 lbs. 8.5 lbs. 6.93 lbs.
Length 46.25 in. 47 in. 47 in.
Barrel Length 28 in. 28.25 in. 28.25 in.
Hammer Spring Non-Adjustable Non-Adjustable Adjustable

High-Performance PCP Air Rifle For Hunting and the Range

Pre-Charged Pneumatic High-Pressure Air Gun

The Gauntlet SL30's 4,500 PSI air tank is easily filled using the built-in, standard Foster quick connect fitting. You can quickly and easily attach your Umarex ReadAir, HPA carbon fiber pony bottle, or another high-pressure airgun compressor conveniently without the use of an air probe. If you're using a bottle for filling, click here to check out our interactive map for a full list of airgun filling stations near you.

Umarex Gauntlet SL30 with the Umarex Shop Umarex ReadyAir

All New Features - Gauntlet SL30

New to the Gauntlet platform and featured on the Gauntlet SL30 is the smooth, side-lever cocking mechanism, 1/2x20 threaded barrel, an adjustable trigger, and tunable hammer spring. The moderator found in the Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2's has been removed in favor of the 1/2x20 threads so shooters can easily attach the muzzle device of their choice for ultimate quiet shooting. For many shooters, trigger and trigger control are top of the list for the most important component of an airgun. Shooters can now have that control with the new 3.5 lb. single-stage adjustable trigger. For even more control, a tunable hammer spring can be dialed in to your projectile's perfect sweet spot, all without any aftermarket modifications!


To maximize accuracy the Guantlet SL30 is well-balanced and has integral standard dovetails and a Picatinny rail for scope mounting. The stock comb is easily adjustable and locks into position for the ideal cheek weld, whatever your physique or optic choice. Target shooters will appreciate the included .30 caliber single shot tray for the ultimate in precision shooting. Take a shot at shooting 100-yard bench rest! Two 7-shot rotary magazines also come standard with the Gauntlet SL30. At 9 lbs., the Gauntlet SL30 is a comfortable air rifle both at the range or on a hunt. The stock's integral QD sling mounts and M-LOCK® slots allow a sling to be fitted for easy carrying on those long trecks through the woods.

Umarex Gauntlet SL30 and Umarex Brimstone Pellets
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