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Top 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts

You don’t want to be the parent, aunt or uncle or grandparent that gives lame-o gifts. This is one thing that is nearly unforgivable. You can make lousy stuffing, you can have poor taste in your own wardrobe, but do not give bad gifts. What makes this list HOT is that there’s not a bummer on it. In fact we’ve left out tons of great stuff in this list. What we’ve concentrated on here is a best-of-the-best list guaranteed to please and curry favor with the gift recipients. Here we go:

The Top Airgun Action Pistols

1) We are the king of replicas. It’s not bragging, it’s the truth. Top on the list is the GLOCK Model 19 Gen 3 .177 caliber BB pistol. This popular model has been a top seller ever since it was introduced just a couple years ago. With an MSRP of $74.99 it is also an easy to afford gift idea.

2) Staying in the GLOCK family for a second, the GLOCK G17 Gen 4 is not only a little bigger than the G19 mentioned above, it also features full blowback operation. Both BBs and CO2 are stored in the drop free magazine. This one is sure to please even the most hard to please airgun fan. MSRP for the G17 Gen 4 is $129.99.

3) Our Legends line of historical replica airguns is a perennial favorite with history buffs, gamers, and, well, everyone. The Legends P.08 is a toggle action wonder that brings serious joy to the world. Yes, toggle action. This crowd pleaser uses some of the CO2 to work the toggle action, just like the real firearm. With a 19 shot drop free magazine and great realism, this one is pleaser for sure! MSRP of $129.99.

4) The Walther PPS (Police Pistol Slim) M2 is a substantial force in the world of concealed carry. It wins respect and new buyers with every comparison. Slim, not too heavy, and superb ergonomics make the PPS M2 a winner with whoever shoots it. And it just so happens we make a blowback .177 caliber version of it. With familiar controls, identical ergonomics, and that same slim feel, our $79.99 MSRP PPS M2 BB pistol is too legit to quit.

Give the Gift of a Pellet Rifle

The pellet rifle wedge of the air gun industry is really getting diverse. There are gas pistons, springs, CO2, and PCP rifles that are all great for various needs. Which one is right for you? We’ve selected one from each category and ‘splained it below!

5) If I had to pick one air rifle to use for plinking, hunting, informal target shooting-- that one rifle would be the Umarex Synergis. It’s a unique rifle in that it uses an underlever cocking arm which means the Synergis delivers fixed barrel accuracy. Not only does it use a 10 shot (.22 caliber) or 12 shot (.177 caliber) RapidMag, it’s powered by a smooth cocking gas piston which is complimented by an underlever cocking arm. The Synergis is accurate, powerful and doesn’t need anything other than pellets to enjoy. Expect to pick up a .177 caliber Synergis for an MSRP of $174.99 and the .22 caliber version for $199.99.

6) In the spring powered category, the Ruger Air Magnum is just hard to beat. It’s a traditional spring powered break barrel available in .22 caliber. This rifle is simple, old fashioned, and very, very effective. If you are really looking for some serious power for hunting or to augment your .22 rimfire shooting, don’t miss out on this rifle. The Ruger Air Magnum has an MSRP of $199.99.

7) When the Umarex Fusion 2 first floated across my desk I knew it was a hit. Why? The Fusion 2 features look like this: a 9-shot auto-indexing magazine, 2X12 gram CO2 adapter, can accept 88 gram CO2, SilencAir muzzle device, and, just to keep it brief, a Picatinny style scope rail on top. The Fusion 2 is crazy accurate and so easy to shoot. If shooting all day is your thing, the Fusion 2, a few spare magazines, and a pile of CO2 cartridges is the ticket for an affordable MSRP of $139.99.

8) The choice for a PCP airgun is a hard one to make, but the winner this year has to be the new Origin. The Umarex Origin is available in .22 caliber and comes with a high pressure hand pump in the form of a kit. Not only this but there are two magazines included in the box. The Origin has a slick side lever operated bolt and a side mounted manometer. Being a PCP, the Origin is super accurate and very consistent in its power output. This is due in part to the unique pre-pressured on board air tank. Not only does the Ever-Pressure Tank lessen the number of pumps needed for a full fill, but it produces a nice flat shot string in spite of it not being regulated in a traditional sense. The real story is that the Origin kit can be had for $349.99, quite a bargain for a great rifle and a pump!

Looking to Gift Something Different?

9) Something different is something we’ve specialized in, especially the last few years. One of the biggest disrupters in the air gun industry has been the AirJavelin. This is an air archery gun- more specifically, a CO2 powered air archery gun. The AirJavelin is powered by an 88 gram CO2 cartridge or Umarex’s 2X12 CO2 adapter. Either way, the result is a 170 grain arrow is launched at 300 FPS. There is virtually no recoil when shooting the AirJav, as we call it behind the scenes. So adjust the stock to fit your shooter and set up an archery target bag downrange for a great afternoon of family fun. With an MSRP of $169.99 it’s hard to go wrong with the AirJavelin.

10) Since PCP airguns are all the rage these days, shooters are looking for more options for filling these power houses. What we have done is address some of the issues shooters are encountering with entry level electric pumps. The ReadyAir compressor is super easy to use, reliable, and features a maintenance free pump design. No need to oil, no need to babysit the pump, just get it set up and let it get to work. Should the pump get too hot, it will shut off to cool and you can start it back up when the temperature gets to a smart level. The really good news is that the ReadyAir is ready for you to get right now! Don’t wait, as the calendar is not your friend. Plus, this has been one hotly anticipated airgun accessory and there is a super high demand for it. The ReadyAir has an MSRP of $549.99. Don’t miss it!

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