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The P38® is considered the godfather of the modern combat handgun. Designed in the 1930s to replace the Luger as the standard German military issue handgun, it proved to be much more reliable and affordable option. The P38 had a solid action and many features that are taken for granted today such as a decocker safety lever, loaded chamber indicator, slide release, and a rebounding hammer. Pushed into full production by mid-1940, the P38 is an iconic piece of history from the World War II era.


Honor history and get a Walther P38 replica to round off your collection. The Walther P38 features a blowback action, full metal design, and 20-shot, drop-free magazine giving you a realistic look and feel. This BB replica is not only a great additon to any collection, but also a great BB gun for some fun plinking.

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Here's One for Your Collection Walther P38