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5 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Airgunners

Presents under the tree are fine and dandy, but the stocking is where the really cool stuff goes. Add these items to your stockings to keep the airgunners in your family happy all year.

The Stocking Stuffer that Will Make the Biggest Impact

Top spot on this stocking stuffer list goes to the Big Blast Caps.  These little devices transform commonly found plastic bottles into exploding targets that deliver a satisfying boom! All that is needed is an air pump to pressurize the bottles and your shooter is set. The fun doesn’t stop with just pressurizing the bottles.  Fill part way with water, flour, chalk dust, or confetti to make spectacular aerial effects.  These caps are reusable and come with inflator needles and a safety bag to pressurize the targets.  They also come in two package sizes- the two-pack is good to whet the appetite of your favorite shooter and the ten-pack is good for a family sized range session.  These are a hot seller so "stock" up now!

All Year Fun

Your trigger time suffers without CO2! Many airguns need 12-gram CO2 cartridges in order to function. Not all CO2 was created equally and you want to give the best.  Umarex CO2 cartridges are designed to help keep your airgun's seals healthy for as long as possible.  Our clean CO2 will power your action pistol or airsoft gun for many fun afternoons of shooting. And they're handy during the cold months when the cold forces shooters indoors with safe backstops.

Stuff It With a Necessity

Hand in hand with top quality CO2 is RWS Chamber Lube. One drop on the tip of each CO2 cartridge helps prevent galling of the puncture seal.  And a healthy puncture seal means long life for your CO2 powered air gun. Other lubricants contain petroleum-based oils which will deteriorate the seals in the gun’s valve creating leaks, either at the puncture needle or downstream in the interior of the valve.  One bottle of RWS Chamber Lube will last for a very, very long time.  Go ahead and slip one in your own stocking so you can keep a bottle handy for all of your CO2 powered airguns.

What's In Your Mag? or Stocking?

Another product that can be a great sort of grief for the casual BB shooter are BBs. They aren’t all the same! Our service departs receives calls every week from folks who shoot other brands of BBs in their guns and experience jams or the BBs won’t stay in their action pistol’s magazine.  The Umarex .177 Steel BBs are very consistent in their roundness and size. But the most important factor for BBs is the coating.  These BBs are slick!  The surface of the Umarex BBs won’t flake off in your hands and they generate almost no friction when they are loaded in your action pistol’s magazine.  For enjoyable, reliable shooting, look to the Umarex .177 Caliber Steel BBs. You might also consider the black Hornady BBs... while they might look like tiny pieces of coal, they shoot like gold.

Stockings Need Quality Stuffers

Speaking of high-quality ammo, we carry the RWS line of pellets in multiple calibers, styles, and weights.  These pellets are clean, coated, and very, very uniform.  Those factors are the marks of the German craftsmanship that goes into high-quality RWS pellets.  Pellet shooters have come to expect the clean shooting, accuracy, and consistency that RWS delivers tin after tin after tin.  Whether you shoot .177.22, or .25 caliber, check out our ammo page for the RWS pellet that is best for you and your gun! For action pistol shooters, you can't go wrong with a tin of RWS Meisterkugln Pistol pellets down in the toe of the stocking.

No stocking should be without CO2 or Ammo. Santa will appreciate your assistance.

Add a couple of Umarex Air Gun Accessories to your cart now. 

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