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The Most Bang for Your Buck!
There is no doubt about it, inflation has affected nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. You need to look no further than the ever escalating costs of housing, food, and transportation– I’ve heard that there’s been as much as a 30% increase in costs across the board for American families.Chances are you haven’t had a 30% increase in compensation during the same time. Things are different in ways but they are the same in others.
Umarex Christmas Email Schedule
Hello Umarex Fam! It is getting really close to THAT time of the year again and thought it would be a good idea to give our fans a little heads up about our sales and offers in the weeks leading up to Christmas. All of the deals below will be fully explained via our Umarex Club Newsletter Email. If you aren’t signed up for this already, Click here now and do that!
The (Air) Guns of John Wick
If you ask your average action movie fan what is the best thing going in an action movie over the past decade, you will no doubt hear John Wick retorted back to you. And for good reason– it is legitimately one of the only series actually worth watching. Ok, that might be one guy’s opinion, but maybe we can agree that the vast majority of Hollywood movies are hot garbage these days, completely devoid of testosterone, guns, and bad guys (who are actually bad guys).
It’s the Little Things: Gift Guide For Accessorizing an Airgunner
When it comes to thoughtful gift giving, often it’s the little things that make the biggest impression. The icing on the cake, so to speak, are the things that people often overlook when getting into a new hobby or just overlook because there are bigger, more interesting things that they focus on, like the main subject of their hobby. In our case, having an airgun or two or eight is nothing unusual.
Umarex Gift Cards are Here!
Just in time for the Holiday season, we now have gift cards available on our website! Gift giving can be hard when you know just enough about your loved ones to know what they like but not enough to know exactly what it is they want or need. This is where our gift cards shine!
Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Fun Airguns, Airsoft, and Would Ya Just Look At That!
Since I started working here over ten years ago, the catalog has grown and grown. We have so many different product categories and so many different products within those categories that it is really quite remarkable. We truly do have something for everyone. With that said, I have already addressed hunting and target shooting airguns in this Christmas Gift Guide series and I recently addressed our best selling licensed replicas as well. But there are some products that are just fun and as such, they deserve an entry in this series on their own.
2023 Gift Guide: Focus on Rifles
In the last few years the Umarex rifle game has gotten very strong. Not that it wasn’t slapping already, but these days, we have everything from big bore PCPs to youth plinkers and everything in between. And what is a Christmas without opening up an air rifle? Not much of one. Below you’ll find the best selling air rifles in our catalog. Check it out and maybe you’ll find the perfect one for yourself or a loved one. Caveat Emptor: Inventory of any or all of these may not be available as we approach the Christmas Holiday.
Christmas Gift Guide: Licensed and Historical Replicas and Action Pistols
Umarex is the undisputed heavyweight cham… undisputed leader in airgun innovation and licensed replicas. After a fashion, yes we are the heavyweight in the airgun industry. Why? Because we make the most, the best, and the coolest airguns around. 2023 has been a big year for our licensed replicas and our Legends historical replica lines. You will see some perennial favorites below, but there’s a few new items that you may have missed. Please do note, some of these model may not be instock at the time of publishing. If so, please click on the "notify me" button so you will get an email as soon as the item is restocked. Are you ready to see the coolest, best, and diverse selection of airguns?
Three Legendary Airguns to Get That Call of Duty Fanatic on Your List Off the Couch

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent some time with my extended family. The weather kept us inside, or that’s what everyone said. The truth is that the new Call of Duty World War Two came home from college with my nephew, and the boys (and most of the men) took turns defending virtual democracy from the scourge of Axis aggressions.

5 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Airgunners

Presents under the tree are fine and dandy, but the stocking is where the really cool stuff goes. Add these items to your stockings to keep the airgunners in your family happy all year.