Blog posts of '2024' 'July'

Umarex Hits the Mountain!  RMAC 2024

Most of the UX crew that attended RMAC 2024. L to R Abby Casey, Mark Davis, Evan Haddick, Eydin Hansen, Chad Sharpe, and Ckye Thomas.  Missing from this photo are Brad Webb, Justin Biddle, and Jeremiah Alexander.


I hope you got a kick out of that title.  At times it seemed the only target that...

Summer of Love and the Love of Summer

This photograph was taken with a professional rider, under controlled circumstances. It’s also a great visual metaphor for how to make a trip to the ER with reckless behavior.


July is here.  Summer is here. Summer is, and to be fair, spring, too, the season for outdoor recreation. It’s also th...