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Blog posts of '2024' 'March'

What Kind of Scope Can I Put on my Spring or Gas Piston Air Rifle?

Springers, including Gas-Piston Air Rifles, are unique in the shooting world.  They operate by releasing a spring that is capped with a piston and seal.  This assembly instantly compresses the volume of air that is resting in the piston cylinder. This whole process happens very quickly but with a li...

Umarex is Headed to Phoenix!
The desert is evidently where it’s at. At least it is in the spring of the year and you are in the Phoenix area. For real, there’s over two million people that live in the Phoenix/Tucson area. There must be some sort of draw to get so many people to huddle together in the middle of the desert (insert leaving California joke here). While I may not understand the subtleties and draw of desert southwest living, I do understand the draw of the outdoors, wherever you happen to hang your hat. An event like this is a wonderful opportunity for a manufacturer or retailer to talk to their customers. In an age where so much of our interactions are so distant and impersonal, a face-to-face event like this is a breath of fresh air and coincidentally, in the fresh air. What more can you ask for?
False Spring,  Anxiety, and Luck
Spring is right around the corner and not a moment too soon. Granted, here in the South we didn’t have all that hard of a winter.  Yes, in spite of my chin whiskers, winter is not my favorite season– even if it is a mild winter. We’ve had our first taste of spring already.  Actually, we’ve had two waves of spring.  Down here we call them the “Fool’s Spring and the “Spring of Deception”.