Blog posts of '2021' 'November'

Big Wheels a Rollin’, Movin’ On
I do not recall a time in my life where we’ve depended so much on the abilities of third-party shippers to get products the last mile. The last mile is industry jargon for store-to-consumer. Most of my life this was a matter of going to the store and picking up the items I wanted in person. In this “order it online” world we live in, there is an incredible amount of shopping done from our computers and especially our mobile phones. The world of commerce has always rolled on commercial shippers’ wheels, but not like it’s rolling today.
Do You Need to Break-In a Break Barrel?
Shooting, whether it be a rifle, pistol, powder burner, airgun, or bow and arrow, is a lifetime sport. You don’t have to be a super fit athlete to enjoy shooting. You can be young, old, healthy, and super fit or disabled and still take great joy from recreational shooting. One of my favorite Instagram accounts is a fellow across the pond who shoots a rimfire target pistol and does quite well with it despite his vision issues. The point being, shooting is an activity a wide audience of people can participate in. So what does this have to do with breaking in a break barrel rifle? Glad you asked.
Thankfully Falling into the Christmas Shopping Season!
It’s not a trade secret. Even the most daft among us know that there’s some weirdness afoot in the global and local markets. If you haven’t heard the clarion call to start getting stuff stocked up now, whether it be for Christmas or whatever-- here it is one more time. If something you want is in stock, you had better get it now rather than wait. This isn’t a bold sales pitch. It’s just a fact that you need to get used to. Even though the Christmas shopping season is still officially a few weeks away from its usual start, if you are not shopping now you are way behind the curve. This is a crazy world where anything can happen. With the past as a predictor, we have learned to expect the unexpected.
Expanding Waistlines and Thinning Wallets- November is Here!
November is here. It can be said with reasonable authority that the contiguous United States is experiencing the first really cool month. In some places, it might be getting downright cold, but here in the south, the HVAC unit is officially kicked over to the heat side for the next 4-5 months. November is a month that represents, at least to my feeble mind, high school football games and hot chocolate, early mornings in the tree stand, getting together with the family for thanksgiving, and the frenzy of Christmas shopping that begins seconds after the plates are cleared and the turkey-induced coma starts.