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Blog posts of '2020' 'July'

Practice 2 Protect in an Ammunition Drought
This summer we’ve seen quite a few YouTubers and Instagramers developing content centered around training with air guns. The timing couldn’t be any better. Ammo is once again nearly impossible to find for any common handgun cartridge. Oh sure, if you are lucky you might score one box at your local gun store, but, by and large, the warehouses are empty, the stores are empty and there is not a foreseeable end in sight to this ammo drought 3.0.
Airgun Hand Pump Tactics and Tips
You’ve just bought or you’re considering a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airgun. Fantastic! Owners of pre-charged airguns need high pressure air. So how are you going to fill it? Scuba tank, hand pump, or specialized electric compressor? A scuba or carbon fiber tank can put air in your high pressure air rifle quite well, but there will come a day when your buddy with the nitrogen tank or big compressor is out of town and the dive shop is closed. The hand pump though, never runs out of air!
A First Look at Umarex’s New PCP, the Origin
I suspect that many of you are just like me. You love shooting, you love airgunning, but you also have bills. And kids. And a thousand other demands that can make your trigger time slush fund dry up exceedingly fast. Something like a Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle that requires accessories in order to shoot can be a bridge too far for folks in this boat.
Pumping Up the Air Archery Device Everyone is Talking About, the Umarex AirSaber
Umarex USA’s new AirSaber is really turning heads outside of the traditional airgunning world. This is a good thing because it is opening the minds of sports men and women to the power of air and the new possibilities air archery devices can bring to them. But unlike a traditional bow or a firearm, airguns are a bit of a departure from those traditional methods when it comes to living with them.
Gateway to Airguns Pop Top Challenge and Giveaway

soda pop topsShooting challenges can be intimidating. Not everyone is a Rick Rehm who can shove an aspirin from between two balloons with about any air gun, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying. You just might surprise yourself! Travis over at Gateway to Airguns cooked up a cool, easy-to-do shooting challenge...